Good MS Office-Based PDA Software Needed

Once again I’m turning to you folks for professional advice. My employer would like our sales reps to be able to provide estimates to our customer while they’re in the field. We use MS Office and I can get VBA to do anything short of whistling “Dixie” and given the right sound file . . . We’ve provided our reps with Palm PDAs. I’ve used QuickSheet for years and swear by it, but it won’t allow you to export macros, at least not the versions I’ve seen. Does anyone know a good, reliable piece of software which will let a person use Excel or Access files on their PDA, preferably one which will use any VBA functions and/or procedures in the files passed? If it will accomodate custom forms, even better. If you don’t, I’ll build something using Excel’s built in features, but it won’t be as quick or elegant.

Thanks again!

There are a number of Office-compatible suites available for Palm OS, off the top of my head:
Documents To Go
Iambic Office
…I think there miight be another one, but If there is, I can’t recall it…

I’m not aware of anything directly office-compatible for the Palm that supports VBA or macros or anything like it - if you want custom forms, you’d probably have to get a ‘proper’ RAD environment such as NSBASIC (supposedly quite similar to VB) - apparently you can also build your own ‘conduits’ so that your Palm apps can exchange data with your Windows apps, but even using RAD tools, programming on the Palm (in my limited experience) feels quite different to programming with RAD tools on a Windows PC.

[url=“”]HanDBase[/url[, which I think it Access-compatible, in a limited sense - has a forms designer, but I’m not sure how much actual programming you can do with it.