Recommend some Palm PDA software, whizbangs, geegaws, and gimcracks.

Yesterday, I bought a new Palm Tungsten E, and am thus far quite pleased. I particularly appreciate how the sharper screens nowadays doesn’t beat up my eyeballs and rub dirt in them.

And so I beseech the Teeming Millions for your recommendations on additional software to load up on. Free is always good (I can afford that no problem!), but I’m certainly not averse to supporting quality shareware & commercial products either. Beyond software, what accessories do folks find indispensable, or at least gosh-darn cool?

Loads of good stuff at - nothing specific to recommend though…

Also try What’s cool depends on what you need. I found a three-sided flash card application that is perfect for studying Chinese, and I use that constantly. If you’re not trying to learn something it would be less useful. :slight_smile:

A couple other great sites:

    Has some of the best news and reviews for PDA’s. It used to be called “Clie Planet”, but Shaun had switched the name as most Palm units out today have very similar features.

    A great place to find very obscure information on just about any type of PDA out there, as well as great discussion about software

I hope you enjoy your Palm.

Sorry… I never answered your OP.

Great software that I use:

  • Launcher X
    Provides a much better interface to your Palm and also enhances many things.

  • McPhling
    An AWESOME app for quickly switching between the current app you are in and the last one you were in. It also can let you bring up a list of the last few apps you have run as well as your favorites… all in a very small program at an affordable price.
    It can be found at

  • Graffiti Anywhere
    A free program that lets you write directly on the screen for your graffiti input. It even will draw on the screen what you input so that you have even better accuracy. Again downloaded from

  • ClockFix
    Having a clock on my Palm is great, but it always seems to end up being a little off. Clockfix automatically makes adjustments to your palm system clock so that it stays accuate. Just 2 calibrations and you are set to go. A very affordable program and downloaded at

  • TiBR(Tiny Book Reader)
    If you plan on reading any e-books, this will allow you to read them on your palm. Free as well. Downloaded from again (Hey… they have a LOT of good software)

  • BigClock
    The hands down best clock software that is out there. This is what I use to get up in the AM as well as other alarms. Downloaded at

That’s all for now. Enjoy

I like to read on my PDA. Palm Reader or Mobipocket are both good, and both sites have ebooks you can purchase and download.

Handy Shopper is available on the various free PDA-ware sites. It’s wonderful not only for customizing for your grocery lists, but works well for other cataloguing that you might want to do.

  • IWayInfo
    This is a database for every interstate in the lower 48 that catalogs every exit (by exit number/mileage marker), showing what restaurants, gas stations, and hotels are available. You can either load up the whole database, or selected portions thereof for a known route.

  • Lunar
    Nice program that shows moon phases that are exportable to your datebook so you can be aware of when the full moon, or any moon phase is. Also, it shows you a real-time picture of the moon based on your latitude/longitude. This picture also has place names (like ‘Sea of Tranquility’) so you know where to look while squinting REAL hard to see the lunar lander!

I use the Hackers Diet (google for it) to track my weight. I don’t follow the diet but the tracking is really helpful.

Can anyoen recommend somethign for me? I need a good “to do” list, and somehow I don’t click with the one that comes with it. i want one with recurring things, like “do music practice” (daily except on lesson and choir days), “do exercise” (on some schedule), “tidy desk” (fortnightly) etc. And it would be nice to track how often I achieve my goals.

I’m surprised noone has mentioned the PalmaSutra, a very useful application, particularly when you’re stuck in a dull meeting, you can use your palm to entertain yourself while appearing highly efficient.

tinydates is good, and includes the lunar phases. Maybe the new generations of Tungstens are this was, but my Tungsten T’s built-in datebook didn’t have any of the holidays listed. tinydates will give you all that, along with a little note you can click on to read more about the significant of said holiday.

For dieting, CalorieKing is nice.

if you like baseball:
Scorepad is wonderful. Very worth the cost.

Thanks a lot for all the good recommendations!

LauncherX and McPhling are indeed especially the bomb, and have become additional expenses I’m entirely comfortable with.

Discoveries of my own ( is definitely a great site):

NoviiRemote, which is probably going to be a dangerous thing, prankwise. No one suspects the guy doing the usual tap-tap-tap thing on the pda to be the one screwing with the tv! But the devil-shoulder aside, it made me really impressed with the IR range on this thing.

DayNotez–handy for little journaling bits.

And DicePro is handy if you’re an rpg geek, which I could never avoid a conviction of being.

God bless the gizmo- and gadget-makers.