Pamela Anderson, Chickens, and irony

Apparently Miss Pamela, an animal rights activist and attempted actress, has a problem with KFC and the way they treat chickens. I can deal with that, while I’m not a vegetarian I would like the animals I consume to be treated humanely. Not that I think the chairman of the company that owns KFC has any intention of meeting with her, she can certainly voice her opinion.

But coming from her, the following quote takes on a certain cosmic irony, a veritable configration of images and symbolism that makes your head spin in multiple directions.

Hrmm, the mind boggles.

Now thats got to be the best Pamela A. quote I’ve ever read!

Come now, that’s totally inaccurate irony.

Pam’s career was based on her ability to be so topheavy she could barely walk…only to run to the amazement of millions across the globe.

-Joe, hell they based a TV series or three on it!

Who’s next on her hit list… the Dairy Producers Association?

No, the next industry on her hit list is the American Melon Farmers Association.

My God, are they really breeding chickens with enormous tits? :eek:
The fiends!

Yep. See… look at the tits on that chick.

Pamela Anderson: Making the world safe for smaller breasts.

Man, I’m upset that Pamela Anderson doesn’t want me to choke a chicken for her…

I heard shes giving up the PETA gig to turn her attentions to the Hickory Farms people.

They are the only people who smoke more meat than she does.

She told me she loved me like a brother. She was from Arkansas, hence the Joy!