Pancake Mountain: The Coolest Kids' Show Ever.

Check this out!

Okay, I’m childless – but I just ordered some kids’ show DVDs online. Partly because they look cool and I think I’ll enjoy watching parts of them, but mainly because I have friends and family with small critters who might benefit from entertainment options beyond another fecking Raffi DVD.

This is the show that was made for the cool kids. Or the kids of the cool kids… or something.

Shonen Knife! Devo! Rollins! Thievery Corporation! Anti-flag! Arcade Fire! George Clinton! Liz Durrett! Weird War!

…and puppets! Rockin’ out for the shorties, and doing special kid-friendly material that’s not condescending pabulum.

How did I not learn of this sooner?

I would much rather my offspring be pogoing in front of the TV to nice no-bullshit programming like this. Oooh, these are going in the archive for sure, along with the Worzel Gummidge and Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.

(Although I have a feeling this show probably looks like a sign of impending apocalypse to much of middle America.) :smiley:

Holy crap, that is pretty cool. I love some of those clips.

The Go! Team and Fiery Furnances were on it as well… This show confounds and amuses me. Is it a local show? What channel is it on?

I was thinking Crashbox was the coolest kids’ show. But they don’t get Arcade Fire; I may have to reevaluate.