Pancakes!!! How do you like 'em?

Maybe this belongs in IMHO? I dunno.


I made pancakes for dinner last night.

How do you eat your pancakes?

I eat mine with chocolate chips and I always dip in fake maple syrup (Log Cabin Brand), never pour over the cake itself.

Ardred slathers his in margarine, then pours real maple syrup over the top.

I spread a dab of butter on each pancake and then cover the stack with honey.

In our house it’s with real butter and real maple syrup. We don’t stock the fake stuff. I have been known to eat mine with real butter and jam from time to time, though.

Real butter, peanut butter, and sugar-free maple syrup (fake, obviously).

Well, first it has to start with pancake flour from The Old Mill of Guilford. Fortunately, I live only about 5 miles from it, but information on how to order any of their products can be found on the website.

Once I have a perfect stack of three, I like to slather them in real butter and plenty of the old-fashioned pancake syrup that I buy directly from IHOP. For some reason, syrup the grocery stores tastes funny to me. I like real maple syrup OK, but all that I’ve had is just too thin for my taste.

I also occasionally enjoy them covered with homemade fruit syrups that we can get around here. I particularly like cherry or seedless blackberry.

Mmmmmm, I’m having breakfast for dinner tonight baby! :slight_smile:


OOH, peanut butter.

I also sometimes put cinnamon in the batter. I got that from my dad.

Smashed overripe bananas work better in waffles, though.

I had pancakes for dinner last night, too!

Blueberry. (Fresh, not canned.) Thin layer of butter over each pancake. Maple syrup only used on the bottom of the stack. Beech syrup if available.

(And in a flash of psychic precognition ensuring this thread is in the right forum, I ate mine while watching Hellboy. Mmmm, blueberry pancakes and ninja Nazi fighting.)

youre speaking of my favorite fruit - I will eat these for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

ALWAYS real butter. LOTS of it. And real maple syrup smuggled in from Canada. (in a glass maple-leaf container, no less) I try not to drown the cakes. Just a light dab on top. Then I’ll pour more on the plate and dunk.
mmmmmmmmm now I know what I’m havin for supper tonight :slight_smile:

You know, I love pancakes. I’ll take’em most any way you want to present 'em.

However, you must know that fake maple syrup is the work of Satan. You’ll burn in hell for that one. :wink: I mean, if you don’t like maple, fine. Why not pour on a good chocolate sauce or some jam or something?

See above post! :smiley:

Fake butter or syrup is an Abomination in the eyes of Og!

Fruit is ok. So are chocolate chips. Whipped cream, if you are going the Belgian waffle route instead of straight pancakes. Honey is quite nice…

I like mine extra brown.

Yeah, that’s right. I HATE it when pancakes are not cooked enough. I’ll eat them with butter or margerine, jam or syrup, I don’t care, just as long as they are a nice, dark golden brown. I have embarrassed both friends and relatives by sending pancakes back at restaurants when they weren’t cooked enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like mine thin, almost crepe-thin, made with buttermilk. Each cake on the stack is topped with peanut butter. Then Cane syrup (not corn) - Blackburn’s preferably - or Maple Syrup is poured over the whole stack.

So, do you make jokes like “I like my pancakes like I like my women (or men)?” :cool:

For a long time, I didn’t like pancakes at all and preferred waffles or french toast but have recently decided they’re okay.

I like them a little thin with crispy buttery edges and then drowned in syrup. No extra butter or any fruit, whipped cream, or anything. I am curious to try them with cinnamon now though… I usually put that in my oatmeal and love it.

Pancakes – made from scratch, with buttermilk, cooked to a lovely shade of brown, lightly spread with real butter, each cake lightly syruped (real Maple, of course) before the next is placed on top of it, ensuring an even amount of syrup for each cake in the stack.

Served with soy sausage and a tall glass of iced tea. Yes, iced tea. Pancakes require something cold, and I don’t drink milk, so I have a tall glass of plain (unsweetened/unlemoned) iced tea alongside my high stack.

Mmm, now I want pancakes for dinner.

Wow. Pancake preferences are as personal as underwear, apparently.

I prefer mine just like mom used to make: Bisquick mix with a can of whole corn niblets (preferably Green Giant) mixed in, slathered with butter immediately and smothered in Mrs. Butterworth’s maple syrup.

Preferably with two eggs over medium, three slices of bacon and two slices of Wonderbread white toast, also slathered in warm butter and gramma’s grape jelly.

Disclaimer: As I’m now a vegetarian and would gnaw my own foot off before I’d eat Wonderbread again and my grandmother is dead so she doesn’t make the jelly anymore… I haven’t had the meal above in years. But it’s right up there on the list of Top Five Comfort Food Meals.

Am I the only one who was raised on pancakes with corn?

(And a slice of bacon in the waffle iron for bacon waffles? Mmm…)

I’m more of a thin pancake guy myself (like crepes, blintzes, nalesniki, palacsinta, etc.) My favorite are rolled, with dill and farmer’s cheese in the middle. As for good ol’ American flapjacks, I eat them with butter & maple syrup or jam. Absolutely no margarine allowed! (I don’t even stock it in the fridge.) Nutella is also nice but works better on crepes than normal pancakes.

Pat of butter on each pancake.

Smother in syrup.

And must have a side of crispy bacon. Must Have. Crispy bacon that’s somehow fallen into the runover syrup.

You guys are making me hungry.

Homemade with buttermilk, thin, golden brown with a pat of butter on each one and Log Cabin Light syrup(I can’t explain it either, but I don’t like any other kind of syrup) on top. The recipe apparently came out of the old Betty Crocker cookbook years ago, but the whole family makes them now so I’m not sure we’d admit that. I can’t stand pancakes from a restaurant. They’re too thick and cakey.

Oooh, oooh, oooh!!!

Pancakes can definitely be eaten any time of day!

I like to make mine thinner than the recipe (so I agree with Homebrew here), and about four inches in diameter. Very tender and very tasty. My son uses Eggo syrup, which doesn’t require refrigeration. I totally concur with this concept, except that I mainly eat them with only butter (real).

I have to say that if I used syrup, I have always loved, like Ivylass, the bacon (or sausage) that ends up with a little syrup on it. (And thumbs up to the crispy on the bacon!!!)

The filling Pulykamell suggests sounds verrrrrry intriguing and delicious! I may have to try that one!