Pandemic dreams

Like a lot of people, I’ve occasionally had those “anxiety dreams” about suddenly realizing that you’ve shown up to work naked, or that you suddenly discover it’s the day of a big final exam that you completely forgot to study for. Last night saw a new entry in this category: I dreamt I was out in public and was horribly embarrassed to discover that I had forgotten to wear a mask.

Anyone else having this particular nightmare, or any other garden-variety bad dream that’s morphed into something pandemic-related?

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I started having mask dreams pretty early on, even though I was not going out in public much at all. Mine always involved being in a large group of unmasked people and realizing that I should have a mask on. I would freak out and run away holding my hand over my mouth and nose. But, now that I think about it, I haven’t had one in some time.

I had a dream a few days ago where I was visiting the Taliban in Afghanistan (maybe as some sort of humanitarian worker or journalist) when an F-22 suddenly showed up and dropped a cluster bomb nearby, then started strafing us. We all ran into a nearby shopping mall/office building for cover (the Taliban had really nice architectural/design glass buildings!)

I’ve had night terrors. Not sure it’s 100% related to the pandemic though

I’ve also had a dream where I realized I wasn’t wearing a mask. As a bonus, in the same dream I realized I was in my pajamas. Another pandemic dream I had is one where I’m in a large crowd and I’m the only one wearing a mask.

Over the weekend I just had my first dream which featured masks. The next morning, reflecting on it, I felt surprised it has taken this long. I guess it really is the new normal now.


So far I’ve only had one dream in which anyone even has worn masks. And yes, in said dream I’d forgotten mine.

I’ve had several ‘night terrors’ and I hadn’t had those since 9th grade (30+ years ago)