Pandora, I'm impressed.

So I had to get a new phone a few days ago.

Downloaded the Pandora app, and fired it up. I enter “Skinny Puppy” as a starting point, as I’m sort of in the mood for crazy angry cold lonely loud mean hurt music right now, ya know? Second song is NIN, from the NBK soundtrack. Third is Front 242, a version of “Headhunter” I haven’t heard, and fourth is Ministry’s “Scarecrow”.

It’s reading my mind.

And now it’s “Love in Vein”, more Skinny Puppy!

Some times mine goes on a techno kick at work and it’s skip, skip, skip.

And what the hell is with Keith Sweat!?!

Huh? The Na’Vi are listening to NIN and Keith Sweat?

My Replacements channel plays Johnny Cash with some regularity, which is cool.

…and then I figured out I could find other channels, like ohGr, and Pigface…


If you are wondering if it is worth it to spring for the $36 annual subscription: it is!

My six-year-old son just asked me why I was dancing. I told him “because of the music!” He said he didn’t like it, and for just a moment I had that thought that goes “'Cause it’s Skinny Puppy singing Worlok, and if you’ve never been tied up by a goth chick wearing electrical-tape pasties, you’re never gonna get it!”


So, Beatles and Disney for the rest of the night, I guess :wink:

Son, that’s no way to go through life…:smiley:

What do you get for the subscription?

No ads, unlimited listening, higher quality sound, desktop app, no interruptions, custom skins.

And I think you get more song-skips, too. But I rarely use those anyway so I’m not sure. Also, you can go something like four hours before getting the “are you still listening?” screen, as opposed to (I think) half an hour on the free subscription. That’s not a big deal if you’re listening on your PC or your phone, but if you have a computer across the room driving your stereo like I do, it’s a big improvement.