Pandora users: Possible to thumb-down an artist?

I love Pandora, I really do.

But Pandora, in turn, is convinced that I like Zero 7. Whenever I’m listening and something really boring comes on, I check to see who it’s by. It’s fucking Zero 7 every damned time. I’ve thumbed down every song by them that’s come up, and yet I STILL get songs by them daily. Is it possible to block an entire artist instead of just individual songs?

That’s strange because I thought that if you thumbs down a particular artist three times, they block them for good.

Interesting. I didn’t know what was supposed to happen. Is that global – meaning, across all your stations? They’ve cropped up in two different stations I created, so I wonder if that has something to do with it.

I don’t know because I only have one station. I recall giving a thumbs down for the first time and getting a message that said that two more thumbs down and this guy is gone for good. This was the iPhone version by the way.

I don’t believe it’s global.

It’s not global, it’s per station. This has some tips. I have many stations and use the Quick Mix mostly to get all the variety, but do sometimes get the problem of having to thumbs down songs many times. Still prefer it that way.

The three strikes and they’re gone policy doesn’t apply if you’ve thumbed up some of their songs as well, right? There are many artists who have more than 3 songs I don’t want to listen to, but who still have songs I love.

It’s actually two strikes and they’re gone, but no, that doesn’t apply if you’ve given a thumbs-up to any of their songs. Here’s the relevant FAQ entry and there are entries for most any other question in this area.

Thanks for the links, duality72, they’re really helpful. I think it’s the multi-station thing, especially because I use QuickMix a lot. And I should make sure I didn’t thumb-up one of their songs at some point. Heh.