Pandora: why no Rovi info for Van Morrison?

WTF? Pandora has information about the artist that’s playing. That info is from a research service called “Rovi”.

Every musician seems to have Rovi bios, including some pretty obscure artists. I made a Van Morrison station (who wouldn’t?). No info?

Van has had some run ins and disputes with the powers that be in music. Is that fair to say? So, is anyone aware of the reason he isn’t bio’ed?


Dammit, shoulda posted “need answer fast”. Curiosity is rampant here. Searching, there is published info about Van produced by Rovi. Just not on Pandora.

Aside: I’ve met/hung out for an hour or so with mr Morrisons daughter.

Probably just a coding error or typo in the data feed then.

I think you are correct. Bio appears on my laptop, just not iPad. I emailed them about it (as well as to tell them how much I enjoy their product).

Pandora promptly replies:

Let us know if and when they fix it. Don’t hold your breath. Weeks ago I reported to Rhapsody that they were mislabeling 9 song tracks under the wrong title, and even gave the correct title, and they haven’t fixed it yet.