Panty and Stocking (with Garterbelt)

So, the Japanese have once again outdone themselves. Has anyone else seen this show? So far, it has no legal American release, except through anime streaming website It’s pretty new.

It has become my favorite anime series of all time. Two bounty-hunting fallen angels battle ghosts on Earth (when they’re not fighting each other). It is hilariously vulgar - not in the ‘graphic sex and nudity’ sense, but in the ‘sexual dialogue and profanity’ sense. It’s like a traditional Western Cartoon Network show, but without the forbidden subjects.

Panty and Stocking (sisters) are the hunters, and each can turn the article of clothing she’s named after into a holy ghost-killing weapon. Garterbelt is the large black priest (with a massive 'fro) who advises them.

Imagine Charlie’s Angels + the Powerpuff Girls, as written by Kevin Smith.

My favorite episodes so far are a toss-up between Transhomers, which is their spot-on Transformers parody, and 1 Angry Ghost, which has hilarious nods to Ren and Stimpy and Phoenix Wright.

The Japanese are a curiously inventive bunch.

With the myriad of cable channels specializing in all kinds of subjects, I’m disappointed that there isn’t a channel devoted to Japanese TV. From what I’ve seen, some of those shows are surreal enough that translation would only diminish their appeal. Even the childrens shows are loaded with mind-blowing subtext.

When PSG was good, it was amazing. It did have a few dud episodes, though, but even bad episodes of PSG are great. Often, a really great ep would be followed by a so-so one - perhaps they spent a bit too much time getting it right and then they had to rush the next one.

I really, really hope they get a second season, or at least a show in a similar style.

My understanding is that the Gainax website and the soundtrack album that was released both teased for Season 2.

I’ve only heard of this show, but it doesn’t surprise me that it was made by Gainax. :smiley: