Panty liners

Okay, being a woman, I should know this, right? Wrong! What, exactly, are you supposed to use a panty liner for? I tried for when my period was “lighter” but apparently it wasn’t light enough… :eek: So tell me, what do most women use them for??

Women aren’t allowed to have natural body functions. Why do you shave you’re legs? :wink:

Irregular spotting between periods?

Theres some TMI here…just a warning…

You don’t really want to wear a tampon when you running dry, nor do you want to have to deal with a pad (which restricts things like wearing skirts and which are generally smelly, expensive and uncomfortable) unless you really need to.

Some women (not me unfortuneatly) have very very light periods. Their period ends up being the equivelent of “skid marks”- certainly not the sort of thing you’d want a full on tampon or pad for. I’ll sometimes use panty-liners when I know it’s about to start, so I want something between me and my undies when it begins, but I don’t want to deal with a full-on pad until I really have to. Also, a couple days after the flow ends, I sometimes still get a little bit of spotting, and wearing a panty-liner keeps unpleasent surprises away without having to wear a pad that most likely won’t be needed. Other women use them in between periods to protect against spotting, light incontinence or discharge in general.

Women also use them after having sex, when they don’t have time for a totally proper cleanup, you know, for the stuff. You know.

Another TMI…

During this pregnancy, I’ve had VERY heavy discharge. I use panty liners to help keep myself feeling dry. I can change them frequently and they aren’t as bulky or chafing as pads.

Well, if you believe the ads, you’re supposed to use them every single flippin’ day. That’s why the name changed from “mini pads” to “panty liners”, I suppose. And why they come in “thong” and black varieties now :eek:

In addition to what’s already been mentioned, they can be useful if you have extra heavy discharge around the time of ovulation, or because of an infection or other nastiness. [TMI]I’d add that for the “spotting” at the end of a period, I prefer the extra long variety, if you can find them.[/TMI]

No one’s mentioned that they can be used as back-up for tampons.

Also, some women on the Pill have extremely light periods that don’t really warrant the full tampon/pad assault. When I was on the Pill a few years ago, mine were like that; went off it for a couple years, now I’m back on and my body has responded completely differently. To the same brand of pill. It’s been interesting. This time, my periods are pretty much the same in overall flow, but more even day to day and of course more regular (although I’ve always been regular anyway). Now I don’t have an extremely heavy day like I used to, it’s just moderately heavy for about six days. More predictable, also more of a pain in the ass. Or something. :slight_smile:

I pretty much only ever need a panty liner for my period - it’s a bit of a non-starter, so to speak.

My mom uses them because she likes the crotch of her white panties to say really, really white.