Paper Telephones

I was watching the Today show one morning last week, and caught the last part of a segment that showed a new type of circut for systems. It looked as if the circit was embeded in a paper like substance. I’ve checked the Today web-site, but unfortunatly, they don’t have any details about the story, and I didn’t catch enough of it to know the name of the company marketing it. I’ve tried searching the net, but either I don’t know enough about what the product actually is called to find it, or there’s nothing out there. Does anyone have any information about this? Maybe saw the complete segment? I’ve checked the Today show web-site, and they have nothing that I can find. Any help would be appriciated.


I ran across a web site, I’ll look for it, that was touting the technology to create paper/cardboard cell phones. All the circuitry and componants were basically printed on the card which was then folded to make the body. I think the idea as to vend them with a prepaid amount of air time. When it ran out, dispose of the phone and buy another.

Can you visualize buying a phone, which would have to have a number assigned I’d assume, and when you dispose of it, the replacement would have a NEW number? There would almost have to be a way to program and reuse the numbers.

I’ll search and see if I can find the web site.

I saw that on a website also. Pretty clever. It is another nail in the payphone coffin and is likely popping up in the FBI’s nightmares. Here is an article on it:

Here is the company website:

O.K., didn’t take as long as I thought it might! It was the first return from Google searching on “paper telephones”

Check here and

Hope it helps!

That’s exactly what I was talking about. Although I do remember them saying that you could purchase more time to go on the individual phones. I think the lady said that one of the uses was for marketing, since they could print whatever company name on them they wanted. And while I’m really not all that interested in the phone aspect of it, I’m doing preliminary work on a research grant to look more fully into the technology, and how it may help my company.

You know, that’s almost the exact same thing I searched for. Only I said “Paper Phones”

All I got were hits about the paper making industry…thanks for the help.

The query “disposable phones” came up with a whole swag o’ hits in Google. Stuff like this. did a big article on disposable cell phones. It even has pictures.