Paranoid would-be SDMB'ers

A friend of mine from school (a real case, by the way) wanted to post a really retarded question on the Message Board but didn’t have an account. This question was so utterly moronic that I refused to post it for him but offered to open him an account. He entered in his user name just fine, but when he realized that he had to give his E-Mail address, he became irrationally upset and angry. When I showed him that he could turn off EVERYTHING relating to his address… posters’ responses, moderators’ responses, etc… it didn’t help. Tell me, did this friend of mine (he shall remain nameless, but his initials are KAM) have anything to fear AT ALL?

[Note: This message was not posted by SanibelMan, but Wordsmith, using my account with my permission.]

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No. But if he really is that paranoid then get a dummy email account at Yahoo! or Hotmail or … well, there are lots. Use that mail account instead.

What more could you expect from somebody who lets people kick him to the head?

The main purpose of giving the e-mail address is so that, if you forget your password, it can be e-mailed to you at that address.

You have the choice of having your e-mail address be visible (a little envelope appears at the header of your posts that is a link to allow folks to send you e-mail) or invisible (no such link appears.)

You have the choice of being able to receive e-mail from Moderators and Administrators, or not.

The lists are kept confidential, and are not sold to anyone.

So I don’t think there’s anything to fear. But I guess there’s a perspective that says that galloping paranoia isn’t always a bad thing.

Wait, let me get this straight…

You want us to explain to your childish cowardly friend how to post a really stupid question?

Now why in the world would we want to help someone become a troll?

Sanibelman…I have yet to see anyone flame you, and to keep it that way, I would encourage you to shut up about the message board around your little friends! That’s how the very troll-like Mr RogersABC got kryptonite et al to show up here!

We have plenty of trolls now, we dont need anymore, thank you very much!

Does anyone think we need another school age troll who is described by his friend this way:

Oh yeah…we need one of those.
Sorry, you asked a question…the answer is that if he posts stupid questions here, we will hack into his email and send bomb threats to the President.So, NO, it is not safe at all.

The truly paranoid would also have a problem with getting a Yahoo mail address, 'cause they paradoxocally require you to *give</> an email address to get an email address!


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Sorry, Kellibelli, but if there’s ever a CaoCao on this board, then it’s not my fault. The guy can be a very good addition to a discussion at times, and IF he does decide to use the board, I’ll make sure he understands trolling, spelling and grammar. I know he has the first two down. :slight_smile: I’ll also say, in his defense, that he does have a good reason to worry (but I really can’t say more than it’s a personal reason). CaoCao (my friend’s chosen UserName) might be using my hotmail address as his e-mail, since I just delete everything there anyway. Thanks, CKDextHavn, for clarifying that point - I’ll make sure he understands that it would be used for a password only, and nothing else.

The question, by the way, was a PreCalc question about, uh, something with I and PI or something, I dunno, I’m in Geometry. Anyway, he thought he could stump Cecil… I laughed and told him to try…

“I like Florida; everything is in the eighties. The temperatures, the ages, and the IQs.”
– George Carlin

Sorry, that should have been: I’ll make sure he understands trolling, spelling and grammar. I know he has the last two down.

In one post you said he got “irrationally worried about giving out his e-mail address”, then in another post you say “he does have a good reason to worry”.
I suggest to your friend to do a web search on “free e-mail”. He will likely get at least 100 (off the top) services that offer free e-mail accounts. These should work, even if he’s in the witness protection program. (I don’t think any of them really bother following up on the info given)

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Glad to hear you will show him the ropes, as you have had no problem fitting in, there is no reason to believe that you wont correctly instruct him.


Tell him to get himself a hotmail address and fill out all the fields with fake information. I have had a number of hotmail accounts (because if you don’t use the account for a certain length of time, it gets deleted), and I did that for all of them.