Pardon My [Fake] Blooper

Just wondering…anybody know of a canonical list of which of the bloopers on the Kermit Schaefer albums are real and which ones are reenactments (or in some cases, just plain enactments)??

Did a Yahoo! search and searched here, too. I’d love to take the bloopers albums and make a compilation of just the real, actual bloopers…

You know, back in high school a friend of mine made me a tape of some blooper album that he had. The more I listened to it, the more it sounded like the same three or four voices on most of the clips, and I always kind of wondered if they had been re-enacted or maybe just made up. What’s the point of hiring voice actors to re-enact bloopers?

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Heh…when I first heard the blooper albums I was wondering why a lot of the tracks had audience sounds that sounded exactly alike. :slight_smile:

You…you…you mean some of 'em were FAKED?!? Oh, man, that just ruined my childhood. I’m bummed!

The problem is that while some of the bloopers were real, (Harry Von Zell’s pronouncing the President’s name as “Hoobert Heever”), there weren’t any recordings of it happening. So Schaefer did re-enactments, which made it easy for him to re-enact the bloopers that didn’t actually happen.

Does that sound plausible? Good. That ought to hold the little bastards!

This is the breast, um… best thread ever.


Can’t help you.

But I’m still laffin’ at the weatherman who suggested taking a leak out the window to see if it was freezing yet.

For 100% bona fide bloopers, you need Dick Clark (artwork by MAD artist Jack Davis).

Heh…I used to use that bit as part of a weather intro during my brief radio career. :smiley: