Pardon the Interruption on ESPN - cancelled or what?

For the last 3 weeks, Tony has been on vacation. This week, neither PTI nor Around the Horn have been on, despite being listed in my DirecTV on-screen guide. Checked the TV listings and it’s not listed at all, except for a blurb saying to go to to see it. I did, and the clips are from last week. Anyone know what’s going on?


I think they’re off this week, but I’m not positive.

ESPN must be too busy producing the “Who’s Now?” competition.

I hope so, but I’ve seen episodes with neither Tony nor Mike in the past. Plus, Tony has been off for 3 weeks already…


In years past they were both off for pretty much the entire NFL preseason. Similarly to Mike&Mike, who usually miss a couple weeks during NFL preseason. Maybe they’re a little early this year.

I remember this because just as my NFL anticipation reaches a fever pitch, all the talking heads bail on me. Fuckers.

Damn my lack of ESPN, I really miss PTI.

But they’ve done this “skip a chunk of the summer” thing before. I don’t think they want to do Basbeball Tonight… Today! for two straight months, so they skip a few weeks here and there in July and August.

At least they did last year when I had ESPN. :frowning:

Wilbon said last week that they would be off this week, then coming back on Monday. That probably means Kornheiser will be back, and now it will be Wilbon who takes three weeks off. (shrug) You get what you get, I guess.

PTI and Around the Horn off until Monday July 30- lets hope Tony K is back- it aint the same without him.

I know the question has pretty much been answered, but I’ll throw an additional 2 cents into the pot.

Given the recent barrage of ads about NASCAR coming to ESPN, I think ESPN is using this week to broadcast additional NASCAR-related coverage leading up to their inaugural broadcast (at Indy) on Sunday. NASCAR Now is usually on ESPN2, but they moved it to ESPN during the ATH/PTI slots to give it more exposure this week.

I assume that NASCAR Now is only in that time slot for this week, but I thought I recently heard an ad on ESPN radio for PTI with Michael Wilbon saying (paraphrased): Join us for the return of PTI on Monday, July 30 at 6:30 Eastern, which made me think that NASCAR Now might fill the 5:00 slot for the remainder of the NASCAR season.

ETA:’s television schedule lists ATH and PTI in their normal time slots for next week.

And WTF is this “competition” even about? It’s totally fucking lame…

Dan LeBatard was on for an entire week. The poor show just couldn’t take it anymore.

I’d much rather they be off for a couple weeks rather than trot out LeBatard.

I believe Le Bastard was on for three weeks.

But thanks all for answering my OP. I must’ve missed Wilbon saying that they’d be off.