Parents - which kids' shows did you HATE?

The opposite of this thread: Parents - which kids’ shows did you like?

I don’t have any children myself, but I know a lot of parents and for some reason (I’ve never seen it myself) they pretty much universally despise Caillou.

Which shows do/did your kids watch that you hate?

My kids like the “Total Drama” shows for some unfathomable reason, and I can’t stand them. They’re like a more or less kid friendly cartoon satire of reality shows. They’re horrid; maybe I’m too old, maybe I don’t get the joke, but I can’t abide those shows at all.

Most of the other shows they’ve liked in the past have been ok. Lots of them have not been quite my speed, but that’s mostly because they’re aimed at small children, not forty-something men. Otherwise there’s nothing wrong with them.

Barney the purple dinosaur, we’d watch and feel sorry for the human child actors. So cheesy and fake.

When my nephew (now 27) was a toddler, he was completely enraptured by Barney. And then my brother and sister-in-law took him to the live shows where he was scared of the life-size Barney in person.

HR Puffin Stuff

Sigmund and the Sea Monsters

The Land of the Lost

Stingray ( You sing that ‘Marina’ end credits song I Will hunt you down…)

Run, Joe, Run! ( That dog is having a flashback. I Told you not to feed him 'shrooms. )

Kukla, Fran and Ollie. ( I have no idea what was going on under that stage, but a dollar says it was a lot more entertaining than the show.)

Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp

Teletubbies for sure. What the hell was in that “Tubby tuss-turd”?

Teletubbies creators must’ve been on a club drug binge when they came up with that shit. So strange and oddly hypnotic. The bunnies hopping around on artificial turf under a big head baby sun. The big box monitors all of it is disturbing af.

Barney is the instant answer for me. Horrible show with kids that looked like they were part of a suicide cult. I hate every aspect of that one.

Thomas the Tank Engine

If you think Teletubbies was bad (And it was, along with that Effing Purple Dinosaur), you will need a large amount of mind altering substances to understand In the Night Garden.
I never hated Caillou per se, but man, if he was my kid…

Barney the Dinosaur was pretty terrible.

Caillou wasn’t so bad.

Caillou should die in a fire. I hated watching that stupid show with my kids.

Cocomelon - Really cheap animation and amateur singing. Mind numbing stuff.

Little Baby Bum - See Cocomelon.

Barney is pretty bad.

I respect the Wiggles for what they do, but I can’t watch it constantly the way I can with, say, Pepper Pig. I don’t hate The Wiggles but they get an honourable mention.

Don Adams tried his best, but I HATE “Inspector Gadget.”

“Wowzers,” my ass!

Dinosaur Train bugs the heck out of me. It’s dinosaurs. On a train.

I’m not a parent, but my nephew loves that show.


My (then-preschool) kids loved Barney. But even at that age our youngest once turned to me and, as he was singing some inane song along with the TV kids, said “Those kids are going to look back on this and be really embarrassed.”

The annoying voices of Fairly OddParents.

Wow - precociously aware.