Park somewhere else, numnuts!

For most of the year I live in an isolated part of town, but when the snow flies families come to the hill across the street from me to bring the kiddies sledding. I have no objection to this, although being woke up at 7 AM on a Saturday morning from kids screaming at the top of their lungs (why-o-why can’t they be quiet as they’re going down the hill?) is not high on my list.

What makes me mad is the fact that these parents park at the end of my driveway and that makes it very difficult for me to back my huge van out. I am the only house on the street, and the street is very narrow. There are so many other places to park. **Why the hell park at the end of my driveway you moron? Think about it! **

Oh people who park where they shouldn’t piss me off. We have assigned parking where we live. Some spots have a number on them, others don’t. Those folks with a brain would figure out that the numbered spots are assigned and the non-numbered spots are for visitors. But noooo… they park in our space and we have to squeeze our big van between two other cars at the other end of the lot… (we have two spaces side by side, and our station wagon is in one of them, scooted to the left, so we have some extra room to pull the van in)

This is one of the best arguments for putting a winch on my truck. I’ll be sure to print it out and use it to assist in my plea.

Could you try putting a sign up?

If You Park Here Again, I will Ram Your Car.
I Have EXCELLENT Insurance Coverage-how about you?

When you get that winch Mr. Cynical, come on over and we can test it out on these total idiots’ cars. On the whole rest of the street there are no cars. In front of my drive a small cluster of idiotmobiles. And I live at the ** bottom** of the hill! It’s not like you’re saving yourselves from climbing to the top. GO HOME PEOPLE! They’ll be out there sliding until 10 PM.

I have thought about doing something like that, but where they park is across the street and the city owns the land. I don’t think I can legally do it.

I should respond to this also **OpalCat **.

I used to live in a condo and my assigned parking spot was the closest to the building and people felt free to park right behind my car if they thought they wouldn’t be long visiting or whatever. One day my cat was having a problem urinating and I had to get him to the vet immediately. Some bozo was parked so I couldn’t get out of course, and I almost trashed his car with my bare hands. Luckily my BF came over and we loaded my kitty in his truck and made it to the vet in time to save his life. If my cat would of died because of this person blocking my way I would have done worse than trash his car…

Where I live, the garage is in the back of the house and you gain access to it through a narrow alley. The people who live on the next street also get to their garage through the alley. A couple of times I’ve come home to find some strange car in my driveway blocking my garage. And these jerks aren’t just parking blocking my driveway. They pull their car all the way up to the garage. I came home this evening to find the guy pulling out of my driveway again.

One more time and I’m gonna go postal on them.

The hospital where I work opens some of the handicapped spots so those of us working off shifts don’t have to walk miles to and from their cars. Which makes sense, since most of the spots are used during the day, and there is the risk of being assaulted after dark.

So, then, on one occasion, a patient took me to task for parking in a handicapped spot. IT WAS LEGAL, DICKHEAD! It was after 3 pm, which is the time posted on the sign that gives me the right to park there. I KNOW I’m able-bodied, but at midnight, I don’t really feel like walking across a two- or three-acre parking lot in the dark.

I know, it’s roughly the opposite of the OP’s intent. Oh, well.


Whoa, hold on here, pardner. I thought that those "idiots’ were parking in YOUR driveway, or to be more exact, on the street in front of your driveway, so as tp block it, perhaps only partially. You do “own” the right to the section of curb which is your driveway, and folks should not park there, and in many cases can be cited. But, it seems like you are whining about folks parking across the street from your driveway- which makes it difficult for you to back out. Is this right? If so, you do not own the freaking street- they have as much right to park there as anyone.


I’d call a tow truck if anyone parked in, or blocked off, my driveway. They just make it extremely hard for me to exit my driveway. There are plenty of other places up and down my street and on the cross street far away from my driveway , they should park there. I don’t have a curb. It is a small, very narrow road, and the snow and snowbanks just make it narrower. They park across the street right behind where I have to back out. I’m just asking for some common sense consideration here.

I know I don’t own the street, silly. I just feel like I do. :slight_smile:

Get a smaller car. It is their street as much as it is yours.


No. I have a smaller car, but I drive my AWD van in the winter. I haven’t backed into anyone yet, I just wish some people would think about things before they park. Why should I drive my smaller car because some people are dickheads?

Daniel–those drugs you’ve been trying to get some of in the Pit finally kicking in?

Are you honestly suggesting that Boscibo go and buy a different car because some inconsiderate morons cannot seem to park in other place on a basically deserted street than in front of someone’s private drive? During only a few weeks out of the year, no less?

Maybe you should share the drugs, buddy!

No- but as that is his right- to buy a smaller car, but it is not his right to dictate where folks park* on a public street they paid for with their freakin taxes, it is a better solution. Or he can just whine about it.

Do you like the drugs idea? Personally, I am just sleep deprived, and have run my bloodstream all out of caffiene. :smiley:

  • note- they are not parking “in front of” his private drive- they are parking ACROSS THE STREET FROM his driveway. so there :stuck_out_tongue:


First of all, I am a she, and I pay my taxes too. I feel I have the right to be able to get out of my driveway safely. I’m just glad it’s Monday and I won’t have to put up with the hoardes until next weekend.

Here’s to hoping the snow melts soon! :slight_smile:

OK, sorry about the he/shhe thing, i coulda read your profile (nice one tho, i will say). But still… :stuck_out_tongue:

Forgiven (about the gender mix-up). I just want my peace and quiet back. When I moved in here five years ago, no one used the hill for sledding. A few of the neighborhood kids started sledding there, and soon people were driving in from all over. It’s a very popular place in the winter.

The city actually improved the hill over the summer by adding more soil to the slope and ripping out those oh-so-dangerous :rolleyes: trees.

I can’t wait, I’m planning on moving soon. But until then: ** Don’t park by my driveway, idiots!** :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, is there any chance of just sticking a
“Please don’t block the driveway sign” in the snow
across the street from your driveway?

I think Finagle’s idea might work. I don’t think it’s something you can enforce, but the sign might make people reconsider-- they might not realize they’re blocking you. My Grandma resorted to similar measures some years back, and it worked. She had a spot right hear her gate (not a driveway, just a spot on a narrow, one-way road) that she liked to think of as “hers,” and it ticked her off when neighbors would “steal” it. Obviously, she had no real room to complain, but she put up a “please do not block gate” sign, and nobody ever parked there again. And frankly it surprised me, because parking was very limited on that street, unlike the situation Boscibo describes.