Parked Car Shenanigans

So, a major snow storm is bearing down on my area. My street allows overnight parking (usually) but a call came in from the county to move all cars off of the streets. There is a car (one that is not from anyone on my block) parked 12 inches off of my driveway apron. My understanding is that this was done to screw with me (and to cause me more work cleaning my driveway). It’s a “present” from one of my neighbors. So, let’s play a game.

Let’s pretend that this “car from nowhere” is 12 inches off of your apron an hour or so before a major drop of snow starts to drop. What would you do to make sure that this car never does that again?

Obviously this is just a game and I would never take your suggestions seriously, but what would you do to teach such a lesson that this never happens to you again?

Again, this is all in fun…!

I’m not sure what you mean by “twelve inches off of your driveway apron” but if it’s parked on the street, isn’t it going to be towed to clear the street?

It might be… but lets make a game of it over hot chocolate!

Deflate tires.
Remove valve cores.
Fill tires with water. Or hot chocolate.
Replace valve cores.


First of all, I’m not sure why this would be in the Game Room.

But second, whatever forum you intended it for, this skirts awfully close to encouraging lawbreaking, especially since you said that there is, in fact, a car in just such a situation on your road.