Parking in Corolla, NC (OBX)

Ok. I’m going to roll the dice here and hope I get an answer. I’m going to be going down to Corolla, NC on vacation starting Labor Day weekend. Unfortunately, the place that we’re staying (we’re renting a house) only has room for 4 cars, and it looks like we’ll need parking for more.

Does anybody have any idea if there’s any sort of public overnight parking there?

You’ve not stayed at this house before, correct? How do you know you can only park 4 cars? Most beach houses can park more, if done carefully.

Well, the “there’s only room for four cars” comes from the landlords/owners. I’m taking their word for it.

You’re so lucky! I loved Corolla! The best vacation I ever took was there.

Anyway, how far are you from the shopping center? If it’s a close enough walk, maybe you can use their parking lot? Just brainstorming here.

I loved Corolla too. Best vacation ever. Have you looked at Google maps to see if there is really only room for 4 cars? I do seem to recall that there were quite a few open areas where I saw cars parked. Don’t know if there is any official overnight parking though.

Wal-Mart parking lot? Many of them allow overnight camping, so parking might be ok. Not without risk unless you check with the manager.

Best option would be to consolidate cars more.

Closest Walmart is probably in Kitty Hawk, which is a long way away. Maybe the Harris Teeter grocery store parking lot in Corolla.

We think we’ve consolidated it down to 4 cars, so it doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore. Thanks, everyone, for the suggestions, though.