Parking lots have moving cars in them too fuckmunch!

I have the misfortune of having to frequent a parking lot that contains a second-run movie theater ($1 - $3 movies). The parking lot is constantly full of people coming from and going to the theater.

Many of the half-wits that one may find walking about are completely oblivious to moving cars in the area. Pedestrians always have the right of way, I understand this. However, these people seem to think that either the law, or dumb luck will prevent them from getting run over.

They will walk past an Excursion or Suburban into the driving lane of the lot without so much as a glance in either direction to see if one of their fellow idiots is coming at them at 40 mph. They expect people to see them, in the dark, emerging a few feet from where cars drive, to see them, while wearing all black, and not even bothering to look for danger. There needs to be a tragedy in order to wake people up it seems.

There is another type of fuckass that can actually see approaching traffic, but can’t see the traffic coming from behind them. This is because they are walking 5 abreast at .46 mph down the exact fucking center of the lane! Their car may be a 5 minute walk away and they expect me to idle/brake behind them the whole time?!? Fucking cockasses!!

I drive slowly, down the center of the lane, with my foot hovering over the brake because at any moment some dickbag might decide to power-walk right in front of me, back up at 20 mph in front of me, or walk right into the side of my muthafukkin car!!

God forbid there were a crosswalk in the center. I could just hear these assholes telling their kids “Pedestrians have the right of way in a crosswalk, cars have to stop for you. There’s no need to look either way, because everyone obeys the law, or else they’ll get a ticket! Watch me and learn, just walk to where you’re going while keeping a fixed stare on the building you’re walking to. That’s all there is to it! People will stop. Trust me.”

I’d really hate to see a kid get hit by a car. If I saw some dumb douche nozzle get his ankle broken by darting in front of a car, I’d say it serves him right. Maybe he’ll learn something. What ever happened to “look both fucking ways before you cross any street or parking lot”? [sub]kinda creeps me out when Mom swears like that.[/sub]

Are these people self-absorbed? Are they oblivious idiots? Do they have death wishes?

Honking would do me no good, I’d just get an indignant glare from them. I’ve decided that I’ll just carry a bullwhip with me and flay the shit out of the next nutsucker that pulls this shit. His kids won’t forget it that’s for sure.

Maybe violence isn’t the answer. I’ll just keep my windows down and scream bloody murder when people run out in front of me. Those that try to back into me however, will be dealt with with white phosphorous.

No, they don’t. Statutes concerning pedestrian right-of-way vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but I know of none in which pedestrians always have the right of way by default.

In this state the pedestrian definately has the right of way. I will try to get a cite, but traffic signs all over the place say so. I understand your frustration dnooman, heck I have the same thoughts. But face facts, if unca Cece and the pack have not made a dent since '73 what chance do we have? Take in a cheap movie and try not to let the idiots get you down.

If I’m wrong, I’m happy.

This is in OH. Don’t blind pedestrians have ROW in your state?

By “this state,” I imagine you’re referring to Wisconsin. If that’s the case, then you are completely wrong. I refer you to Wisconsin Statutes 346.23 (1). Here’s what it says:

[ul][li]At an intersection or crosswalk controlled by traffic control signals or by a traffic officer, the operator of a vehicle shall yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian in a manner which is consistent with the safe use of the crosswalk by a pedestrian who has started to cross the highway on a green or “Walk” signal.[/li][li]In all other cases pedestrians shall yield the right-of-way to vehicles lawfully proceeding directly ahead on a green signal.[/li][li]No operator of a vehicle proceeding ahead on a green signal may begin a turn at a controlled intersection or crosswalk when a pedestrian or bicyclist crossing in the crosswalk on a green or “Walk” signal would be endangered or interfered with in any way.[/ul][/li][/quote]

To summarize:
-Pedestrians have the right of way when a traffic control signal or a traffic officer gives them permission to cross at an intersection or crosswalk controlled by said traffice officer or traffic control system.
-In all other cases, pedestrians do not have the right of way.

2nd hit when I googled: wisconsin pedestrian “right of way”

No, they don’t. You’re either misrembering or misreading the signs.

Or we can google a few terms and get the facts about pedestrian right of way.

Blind pedestrians here (Busan {formerly spelled Pusan}, South Korea) have the right of way at intersections when the traffic control signal or traffic officer gives them permission to cross. That nifty little beeping or chirping signal at intersections isn’t there for the listening amusement of the queuing crowd; it’s there to inform the blind pedestrian when he or she has the right of way.

Which doesn’t prevent me from blowing them some cool jazz if they do something stupid. They usually jump out of the way like scalded cats.

That’s not what your quote says. All three points in your quote relate to traffic signals (which aren’t often found in parking lots). I’m not arguing whether Wisconsin does or does not mandate that pedestrians have the right of way in the absence of traffic signals, just that your quote doesn’t answer that.

Which is pretty much how one should drive in a crowded parking lot. It’s not a freeway.

Are you illiterate?

I’m discussing the simple fact that, no, pedestrians do not automatically have the right of way. Where in my posting does it indicate otherwise?

Huh. My feeling when I’m walking through parking lots is always, “Why the fuck don’t you slow down, you asshole?! This is a parking lot, not a speedway! People walk here.”

What does “right of way” mean in this context, anyway? It certainly doesn’t mean that a driver can play Death Race 2000 with offending pedestrians.

A similar rant.

If you have the ROW. TAKE IT. Don’t wave me through. This happened with a bicyclist this weekend when my Wife and I where coming back from a race.

Your moving, and I know you where trying to be ‘nice’ but damit, you waved me through when YOU had the right of way, but your buddy behind you didn’t stop.

It could have been ugly.

ALL that says is that pedestrians don’t have the right of when WHEN A VEHICLE HAS A GREEN LIGHT. It says nothing about whether pedestrians do or do not have the right of way when there are no traffic lights around. Do you have traffic lights in parking lots where you are?

Well, brainiac, you now admit that what I posted says what I asserted: that pedestrians do not have the right of way automatically. That was my point and an intelligent person would’ve figured that out from what I posted.

Friday, the lights went spastic at Yale & Havana. Flashing red (my way) and flashing yellow on Havana. People on Havana were STOPPING! And waving cross-traffic through!

Sorry, I ain’t starting out there only to get broadsided by the car I can’t see that knows he doesn’t have to stop on a flashing yellow. Sheesh, follow the rules, people. It makes it so much easier on all of us.

This is an important distinction. In my time as a police reporter this very subject has come up, and several cops told me their jurisdiction is limited when a person is driving on private property such as a parking lot. Not sure how limited it is (I remember they told me they couldn’t cite someone for not wearing a seatbelt unless that person was on a public road), but it is certainly possible that the owner of the parking lot can mandate that pedestrians automatically have the right of way in all instances, solely on their authority as owner of the property. The government’s right to regulate traffic stems from public ownership of the roads, not from from some quasi uber-power. It’s logical a private landowner has the same right on their own property.

But on public roads my general impression is that Wisconsin’s law is the norm. When I worked in Oregon I remember a case where a pedestrian walked into the street and got hit by a car. The officer who responded (who was a friend of mine) told me he cited the pedestrian, because the pedestrian tried to cross when the light was green, and hence did not have the right of way. He said the ped. was very disgruntled at gaining this knowledge.

Ah, Ohio. Living in PA has caused me to appreciate the drivers in my home state all the more. At least we know how to merge onto the highway west of the Appalachians, and actually slow down to let other drivers do so!

Anyone who merges going slower than traffic in the slow lane is asking for trouble. The safest merge is made by accelerating until you are going faster than the slow lane traffic. That way they cannot hit you from behind; all you have to do is watch for cars in front of you.

More comprehensive info about Wisconsin pedestrians, from Wisconsin’s Department of Transportation (I’ve not quoted the annotations):

All that being said, let’s be realistic about it. It’s obvious that the motor vehicles do not beam down to the parking spaces in the parking lot; they’re driven there. Of course it’s prudent to pay attention to one’s surroundings while walking in the lot. Yes, I’ve seen a number of parking lots which also have sidewalks or designated lanes specifically for pedestrians, and I’ve seen those completely without those. In all cases, the simple fact is that a vehicle is a tad more sturdy than a human body. This includes, of course, a human body on a bicycle, such as the time I was almost hit by a car reversing in front of me when I was riding my bike in a parking lot (I was headed for the bike racks in front of the store). Pedestrians should watch out for cars and bicyclists, bicyclists should watch out for cars and pedestrians, and motorists should watch out for bicyclists and pedestrians.

What my point above has been is that the meme “pedestrians always and automatically have the right of way everywhere” is pure malarkey. Invariably in any discussion about pedestrians vs. motor vehicles, someone tosses out that meme. I’ve attempted to provide some actual information that disproves that meme. So, let’s quit propogating false “information” and stick with the facts, shall we?

The problem with that is, the on ramps and merge lanes may not be long enough for me to get my car up to 75 m.p.h., which is the speed the traffic in the right lane is usually moving at in my neck of the woods. I myself move over to the left to let people merge at on ramps if I can.