Parks & Recreation's final season.

That was different than anything I could have expected. :dubious:

I found some of the ‘This is the future!’ references distracting.

Could someone refresh my memory as to who the Internet Billionaire character was? I did not rewatch last season recently and it seemed like he was an established character.

Also Amy Poelher’s Megan Mullally impression was spot on and hilarious.

I loved it! I thought it was a great premiere. My favorite part was the haunted house that Werner Herzog was selling. I saved both of the episodes on my DVR and will be watching them again.

The internet startup “Grizzle” or whatever it was called, and the big frizzy hair internet billionaire were on before. If I’m remembering it correctly, Ben and Andy had a meeting with him, I think to ask for money for the charity that Andy is working at, and Ben plays them in Cones of Dunshire and wins, and free wi-fi for all of Pawnee.

I agree, the Tammy impression was spot on. That whole sequence of deprogramming Jamm was so funny.

I had the spelling wrong, it’s not Grizzle, it’s Gryzzl, which is perfect for an internet company. I also liked the buggy tablet he had: “I love you too! I love your skin. GIVE ME YOUR SKIN.”

Ultra-crazy Joan Callamezzo is even funnier than regular crazy Joan.

Also, bonus appearance by Jon Hamm as incompetent Ed! “If anybody wants to hang, I’ll be at Subway.”

I don’t know what was better “Game of Joans” or her addressing an audience as if she were in Gotham City.

Thanks above for the refresher on Gryzzl. Now I remember. Ben discovered the board game he invented was a cult hit among Tech geeks.

These were the two cameos I laughed at the hardest. Werner Herzog was perfect.

I thought the first episode was gimmicky and weird, but the second episode was pretty funny (and perhaps not coincidentally, had less to do with THE FUTURE than the premiere…)

Also, April and Andy’s new house looks an awful lot like the whorehouse that Don Draper/Dick Whitman grew up in. I half expected to see a kid standing on the porch eating a popsicle.

My god, that was hysterical. “Let’s mount up and ride to Bonertown” (can they say that??) and “I’ve got 45 washcloths, energy bars and Chinese finger trap. Let’s get gross” (while thrusting her pelvis in Jamm’s direction.)

I was laughing so hard when Leslie was spraying Tammys’ perfume in Jamms’ face and then slapping him. Especially the part where Ron is addressing the camera and Leslie and Jamm are in the background and Leslie is just slapping the crap out of him.

Didn’t really like the eps. Those holographic PDA’s are dumb. Yeah, if we couldn’t get hoverboards in after decades of waiting we’re really going to get that thing in two years… Dumb writers/producers/whoever.

“I recommend turning it off while you sleep.” :wink: Wouldn’t Jessica get a 90 million dollar tax write off if she donated the land to the federal government instead of selling it to Gryzzl? :dubious: I wonder if that will occur to anyone.

I took it as Pawnee being a test market for Gryzzl, not that those will really be available in a few years. Since it’s a beta test, it shows why it wanted the skin.

I saw them again. I liked the second one better than the first.

So, anyone else curious about the three kids they had? They were barely mentioned.

edit: Just wanted to say that the Tammy impression was so good that I first thought they dubbed her voice over.

Test market shmest shmarket, no way does that tech exist at all in 2017. Probably not 2027 either, but at least that’s far enough out that the silly things wouldn’t be nearly as dumb.

Retta (who plays Donna) told Vulture that the reason for the time jump is that Amy Poehler just had two babies of her own and and didn’t want to work with babies again. I don’t know if they’ll avoid showing the triplets for that reason, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t show up (except perhaps briefly). Plus it’s not a domestic sitcom.

The triplets did show up in last season’s finale, right when the “Three Years Later” graphic appeared. Notice that this time jump also jumped right over most of Leslie’s pregnancy, rather than having her give birth in the season finale.

Of course, time jumps to get newborns past the toddler stage goes back to Little Ricky on I Love Lucy. I am glad to see a show explain away the time jump; usually, the character usually just gets two or three years older, while nobody else does, without mention. Occasionally, there’s a fourth-wall-breaking double take, which is what Will Smith did when Will’s cousin Nicky aged a few years between seasons on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

(Prediction for the final scene: one of Leslie’s kids marries Ron’s child at a wedding ceremony held (despite promises made about the name) at Leslie Knope National Park.)

Repeat to yourself: “it’s just a show, and I should really just relax.”


Bumping after a month and lots of great episodes and incidents, heartfelt and/or hilarious. Leslie & Ron locked in overnight together was the highlight, but also great bits are glimpses at the larger Swanson clan, Garry finally being called by his real name, a return visit to the accounting firm, plenty of real DC political cameos, and QuestLove is Donna’s brother! Glad they mostly tied up the Gryzzl plot line so they can shift gears with Ben’s House campaign. And we even got to see the triplets (and Rachel Dratch priceless in the worst babysitting gig ever)! Terrific stuff.