Parler is apparently pronounced /parlor/ now

I agree, I also think pronouncing it the French way within the context of an English sentence sounds as ridiculous as people who insist on saying ‘Paree’. Was never going to catch on.

There are many things that speak to the level of intelligence of the average Parler user but the pronunciation of the website is not one of them. After all many websites are not pronounced intuitively like you’d think and you’d get weird looks if you talked about grinn-der or imm-grrr. For someone who didn’t look on their website to see how the founders wanted it pronounced, even if you knew that “Parler” was meant to be pronounced Parlay if it were a real word, there’s no guarantee that the website wants you to pronounced it Parley and not Parlor.

ETA: or basically what Eyebrows said.

Now I want to pronounce it Parlor but with a French R to be extra meta f-ed up.
pahr leruh

Folks, if we’re going to introduce the youngun’s to the glory that is Lady Marmalade and the Truly Amazing Shit all us gray-hairs did back in the 1970s when we were young and full of hormones, you gotta cite the original version of the song by the Labelles:

I dig’s me some Patti Labelle, but the one upthread is far from the original.