So what happened to the last few hours? Or, was my computer screwed up? Am I the only one?

Nope. I suspect that lots of us were suffering withdrawal and breaking out in a cold sweat.:smiley:
::hugs monitor::

No idea as to what happened, but I can tell you you’re certainly not the only one! And it was a particularly nasty sneaky little fault, wasn’t it, temptingly allowing people as far as the Home Page but not the boards.

The reason you could read the home page only is that Cecil has that on a separate computer. Which is good, so message board traffic won’t lock his fans out of the columns.

Actually, while that is true ( is while is, the saving grace this time is most likely that only the boards need to read the global.php file, which is what was corrupted and could not be parsed. Refer to my excellent (IMNSHO) description of this over in ChiefScott’s thread.