Parts in movies that make you cringe

For me it was the part in The Butterfly Effect where they tye the dog into the sack, then set fire to it. I feel strongly about animal cruelty, and one of our dogs was abused before we got him, so it makes me think that it could have happened to my sweet little pup.

So what parts in movies just make shudder?

Hard to think of anything spacific, but in the movies, and TV, anytime somebody makes a fool of themselves and is oblivious to it.

The worst thing I have ever seen was in American History Xwhen Edward Norton’s character makes the guy who broke into his house bite the curb and then he stomped him.

It’s making me shudder right now just thinking about it.

The curb stomp in American History X was nasty. I knew what was coming, so I turned away. The thought of it alone is enough for me.

Then, cringe inspiring in a different kind of way: the telephone part of Swingers where Favreau keeps calling the girl’s machine.

Yes, both of those things freaked me out!

And also the movie Apt Pupil. I was so disturbed that I actually turned the movie off. I’ve never done that before. I mean, first this kid makes this old guy put on his ond nazi uniform and march around the kitchen. Then the guy gets all crazy and starts doing the hitler salute and wont stop marching around the kitchen. Later he tries to put a cat in the oven. To top it all off, the kid slams a basketball right on top of a pigeon. Thats where I turned it off.

That was my answer. I did everything short of crawling completely under the seat in front of me. All through the theater, you could hear guys just moaning or shouting out “STOP IT! HANG UP!”

FB, do you want stuff that makes us cringe every time, or just the first time we saw it? I mean, I can watch the chest-burster scene in Alien with nary a quiver now that I’ve seen it half-a-dozen times, but the *first * time - whoo man!

If you mean cringe every time, I know you asked about movies, but there’s an episode of Friends where Ross is trying to flirt with the Pizza Delivery girl - something similar happened to me, and I still can’t watch that scene without wanting to pull a blanket over my head.

I don’t want to hijack, but damnit, you made me curious. What happens in friends and/or your story?

In Blade2 Wesley Snipes does this little neck crack thing. My ex would do that and say it felt soooo good. I hated it then and got real queasy when I saw it in the movie. Not because of the the association with the ex, but because of how much it hurts when my neck cracks. And the sounds, please make it stop.

crackle, crackle, CRACK! Ow, ow, ow.

I was beginning to think that I was getting to desensitized to scary or violent things, but when thinking about the original exorcist I remembered how, even watching the re-release in theaters a few years ago, the part where Linda Blair turned her head around backwards and asked her mother “Do you know what your daughter did?” is extremely creepy to me.

Two things.

One was a movie where the main character had a plastic bag put over his head to make him talk, or some such thing. Suffocation is one of my fears, so to watch him desperately gasping in and out and hte bag inflating and deflating - disturbing.

And the Ring - a very disturbing flick, but I actually had to change the channel when the guy is alone and she walks out of the well, and then actually steps out of the TV. She’s all in B&W, and everything’s in color - oh, man. Freaked the shit out of me.

The part in The Fly where Jeff Goldblum shows us how a fly eats. Well, that part and many others. That whole movie is cringe worthy.

Mine is Reservoir Dogs when they cut the cop’s ear off. I cannot watch that movie because of that scene, not even if I leave the room during it.

And, honorary mention is Misery when Kathy Bates swings the hammer or whatever and crushes his legs. God, that was truly horrific. It was even more horrific in the book, but the movie did the horror justice.

Dont know how well this movie is known in the US, but Anthony Minghella’s film ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’ has the most cringeworthy moment in (my) cinema history.
The ‘hopping on one leg while telling his life story’ scene. Meant to be quirky and endearing, in fact is eye-pluckingly awful. The rest of the movie is so good too.

One word. . .


And I don’t mean the torture.

I mean Mel Gibson being so damn full of himself and making such a piece-of-crap movie and trying to “important-ize” it at the end.

Also, Jon Favreau on the answering machine. :smiley:

Any time a character walks on glass shards in his bare feet, like Bruce Willis did in Die Hard. I get the willies around broken glass. Oook. Eeek. uhnuhnuhnuhnnnnnnn…

Several parts in Rebecca:

  • The unnamed second Mrs. deWinter (whom I’ll call “Joan” after her portrayer, Joan Fontaine) breaks a little china cupid objet c’art and hides the pieces in a desk drawer. Later, when one of the footmen is accused of stealing the missing cupid, poor nebbishy Joan then has to confess to sophisticated hubby Maxim that she was responsible. Ugh, you could just feel her embarrassment at having to reveal this silly impetuous behavior.

  • Worse, Maxim then calls in creepy housekeeper Mrs. Danvers explains the mistake. Joan wants to crawl into a hole and drag it in after her, and anyone who’s ever been caught in a attempt to cover up a mistake knows just how she feels! We’re rooting for her to finally take her rightful place as the mistress of the house, and instead she’s reduced to the status of a misbehaving child.

  • Finally, the moment when Joan, resplendent in her lovely costume for the Manderley ball, floats down the stairs and reveals herself to Maxim and his relatives/friends. Maxim goes ballistic (for a good reason, unbeknownst to hapless Joan) and barks out an order for her to change clothes. OMG, I feel an almost painful empathy for Joan as her expression of tremulous triumph changes to dismay and mortification.

Great movie directed by Hitchcock, great book written by Daphne du Maurier.


They telegraphed that scene, so I bugged out for a pee break.
I ended up getting popcorn and going into another movie!!

:eek: :smiley:

Is it safe?

Event Horizon was a particularly cringe-worthy movie, but when Justin (Baby Bear) is in the airlock without a suit while it’s decompressing.