Party (a Whose Line is it Anyway game)

Okay, I asked SkipMagic if I could make this game and got the green light. Many thanks to him.

This will be the game of Party. At least that’s what I think it’s called on the show.

For those of you who have seen and are fans of Whose Line is it Anyway, you’ll know this game. It’s the one where there’s a host of a party and the other people are all guests, but each one has a certain something about them that makes them weird. A disorder or quirk, if you will. And what they do is behave and act and talk with this disorder and the host has to try to find out what is each of his guests disorders based on the things that they say and the things they do (each guest has a different quirk).
Online, this is how it would go. There will be two teams. The hosts (or guessers) and the Partygoers (who have the disorders/personality quirks). The Partygoers will all be PMed by me with a different sort of disorder that they need to show, at least once somewhere, in EVERY POST THEY MAKE IN THIS GAME TOPIC.

For example…there may be a partygoer is is a constant misspeller. So obviously in every post they make when the game starts, they’ll have a misspelled word. Or one might think he’s Elvis…and thus all of his actions and posts would be things like “Say, you see Lisa Marie around lately?” or maybe start singing “You Ain’t Nothin’ But a Hound Dog”.

Whatever. There is no limit or rules as to how you show your disorder if you’re a Partygoer. Just as long as you show it in every post you make after the game starts, then you may be as original and funny as you like. :smiley:
The Hosts (there will be more than one) will then each get one guess per Partygoer to find out what their disorder is. If they can successfully guess all the quirks, they win. If not, or if they run out of guesses for any one player, then the Partygoers win.
A few small rules.
Partygoers MUST post. This is so the Hosts can interact with you and talk with you and try to get reads.

Really, anything is game in this game. Partygoers may talk about anything, interact with each other, talk amongst themselves and show their disorder however they want…just as long as they do it in every post in some fashion and not mislead it.

I would be the judge on if a Host guesses correctly.
And that’s just about it.

This game doesn’t usually last very long. I’d say about three or four or, at the most, five days. But it’s often very fun and very hilarious to participate in or even just read.

So who’s up for it? I already have a list of people who have pre-signed up.


I figure I’ll give this sign up a full day and then start the game tomorrow early evening.

Please note, this is NOT like mafia at all. The Partygoers will all get a PM from me before the game on what their disorder is, and all they have to do then is just show it, act it, behave it in every post during the game any way they wish. And that’s it. And the Hosts just interact and talk with them until they feel sure enough to make a guess on someone.

Easy yet really fun game, see?

I’m game.

I’m in.

SSG Schwartz

Count me in, please. Sounds fun.

<SpongeBob> I’m Ready, I’m Ready, I’m READY! </SpongeBob>

count me in

If you’re still curious about how it’s played, take a peek at this YouTube video.

Hey, thanks! That’s a good demonstration of it.
By the way, want to play, SkipMagic?

I’m in.

Oh, thanks but no thanks. I’m not much of a message board game player. I’m a grumpy moderator, see; I ruin fun, not help it thrive. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds awesome. I’m in!

FOS MadtheSwine

Now if Kat joins, she doesn’t have to draw first blood. :wink:

Are these going to really intricate roles IT?

My guess is you are Sponge Bob.

Ha! I do channel him on occasion. But I like Plankton the best. See sig line:

Oooooh me want me want! I hope the party isn’t full!

I’ll play.

Question – will the hosts cooperate with each other, or are they competing amongst themselves to ID the quirks?

I’ll play. Sounds fun.

Sure, I’ll play.

I’ll play.

Idle, when do you think this is going to start, if it is sometime today (and I just had to uncapitalize that D :smack: )I am going to have to bow out of this round. It’s my birthday this weekend and I don’t expect to be around a computer a lot.

But I am so in for any round that start Sunday-Wednesday.

You let me know what you think.