Party comments thread. No Hosts please.

Just a place for anyone watching the game to talk about it and try to figure out what disorders the players may have. Also the place for the Partygoers themselves to have fun guessing at each other’s disorders/quirks.
Partygoers, you do not have to post with your disorder in here. :stuck_out_tongue: Just in the main game thread.

I’m following from the sidelines. Just want to see how the game plays.

Man, my role is gonna be soooooo easy to guess.

Maybe I should make it harder by not dropping too many tells.

Well, that’s fine. Just as long as you don’t ever mislead the Hosts. You can play it however you like, but try not to make it so subtle that it’s virtually unguessable. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree yours might be gotten easy if you were to just put it out there. This is why you should try to think of ways to show it, but show it cleverly so it’s not easy to guess. :slight_smile:

Partygoer guess: Does lightningtool have severe depression (a la Martin the robot from Hitchhiker’s, or is he just the party’s wet blanket?

His disorder has to be the worst one, actually (to get, I mean, as it’s very hard to do/show–well, would be for me, at least).

Upon reread, it sounds like he’s on some sort of mind-altering substance…cannabis, perhaps? :smiley:

Heh. As Idle said, I’ve got a tricky disorder to work with.

Yeah, I’m gonna get found out pretty quick. Hopefully they guess that one of the other batshit insane things I’m doing is my “quirk”.

My own strategy is going to be to make part of my quirk obscure, while making another part fairly obvious. Give the Hosts a lead-in, but make them work for the full solution.

I don’t know how the parallel thread thing developed in the Mafia games (although I was a lurker in the original Werewolf threads), but with no particular reason to accuse any of the Hosts of being dishonest, I think it’s a good idea that we’re not overt in this thread either. I’d like to be absolutely sure that no Hosts are digging in here for clues. Not that I think they would, of course. Is that how it played out in Mafia?

No “hello” post (which this is, fundamentally) would be complete without mentioning that this is a great idea, and giving dues to Idle Thoughts for the idea and a whole new personality! Thanks for doing this, IT.

No problem! Yours, I think, is a bit of a harder one to guess, actually. I think it would take a lot of posts by you and being consistant to successfully guess yours.

I’m having to get really creative with my references. I’d be shocked if anyone recognized it without having to look it up. I had to look it up because I’m running out of stuff to say already. This is really fun though!

I second the great idea, IT, I was working on how to play mine since last night.

SSG Schwartz

All I’ve got on you, dnooman is some mullet-haired 80s white trash type. Freedom Rock? Night Ranger? hahaha.

dotchan thinks he’s playing mafia…
Mad seems to be a petulant child of some sort…

Ding ding ding! Told you this would be easy.

And I’m a she, by the way.

Inability to get gender right is a scumtell. :smiley:

dnooman is a closet-case mullet-haired white trash type?

BTW, zuma, which post gave me away?

(Eventually, if the hostesses can’t figure this out, I’ll probably start posting the obvious Mafia keywords, but I’ve been dropping hints along the way.)

Well, I can’t exactly say you’re wrong…

Just the combination of them. After the “this better be a fluff post” I thought “does dotchan even know what game she’s playing?” hehe.