Party, drunk, lampshade-for-a-hat. Where and when did this originate?

This image must be fifty years old, or older, but it shows no sign of being forgotten. You know what I mean: the way that the person at a party who’s drunk a little too much of the true, blushful Hippocrene puts a lampshade on his head. A recent ad for multiple-cat kitty litter shows the kitties having a secret party, and sure enough, one of them ends up with a lampshade on his head.

So, does anyone know where this gag was first used? I assume it was some movie, but I have no idea which. I’m guessing it would be sometime in the late 1940s or early 1950s, when the long cocktail party of the postwar era began.

I don’t know, but the best play on this was a gag from the short lived Fox sitcom Greg the Bunny:

“Look at me! I’m a drunk stereotype!”

i would reckon it started when lampshades were able to be removed. i’m looking into when that would be. i’m thinking the jazz age. there were some wild parties then.

It occurs to me that this would make an excellent party costume… I should aquire a lampshade…

I think the joke was that putting on a shallow conical lampshade made it look kind of like you were wearing one of those Asian straw hats.

I know that there was at least one Bugs Bunny cartoon that used this flavor of the gag, but I don’t recall what decade it was from.

Often they extend the gag to turning the “lamp” on and a light comes on where the person’s head should be.

No actual information, just curious myself. I always wondered when I was a kid what the hell was up with that.

IIRC, Mr. Dithers, Dagwood Bumstead’s boss, used to do the lampshade trick at partys. That’d likely be back in the mid 30’s.

This works well with the slang sense of “lit.”