A Joke Gone Awry

I went to a party a few weeks ago and after milling around for a bit I stepped to the middle of the room, pulled out my wallet, flopped it open like cops do on TV, and held it over my head. In a loud, commanding voice I said, “TIME POLICE, EVERYONE BACK TO THEIR OWN ERA!”

Of course I was kidding. I’m not really with the Time Police. I don’t even have a badge. But it must have sounded convincing because six or eight people looked over to me with a baleful, ‘oh, not again’ look and vanished with a tight popping sound, leaving behind only small, greasy stains on the carpet.

I regretted it almost at once as it seemed my little joke had cut short some interesting conversations and a couple of promising pick-ups. Belatedly it occurred to me that those people would have been the most enjoyable to talk with. Indeed, the party soon began to lose steam and the guests started to leave.

The hostess made me stay after to clean up the grease stains, but this worked out for the best as it allowed me to polish off the half-empty beers left by the party-goers.

A word to the wise; if you are going to do this, check the bottles for cigarette butts before drinking.

So, anything like this ever happen to you? A joke gone awry? Please share.

Hmmm… are you Canadian and in the midst of your Canada Day case of beer? Are you American and gettin’ an early start on the Fourth of July beer drinking? Or are you from one of them places where it’s already late at night and you’ve been drinking all night? Or, can you really send me back to 1462? :eek:

1462? Meh…

Send me back to around 40 A.D. With my Leatherman multipurpose tool I would be a GOD!

I feel your pain man.

If it’s an outdoor party, check for yellow jackets.

Hey, swampbear, none of the above. Just couldn’t get to sleep last night and this is what my brain did. It am a bad brain. Bad, bad, bad. Yellowjackets are another story.

Not a joke, but this reminded me of a party we threw once - a “Come As You Were” party. The idea was for guests to dress up as they were in a past life. I thought it would be fun. Unfortunately, I had a bunch of dull, uncreative friends. I still think it’s a good idea for a party.

Don’t mind me. Carry on.

If you have another party like that, I’ll come! I don’t have any interesting past lives, but I could make something up (although I think at one point I may have been a cat, because one of my favorite things in life is to take naps in the sun. I dont’ really get into batting around balls of yarn, though, so maybe I was a lizard, not a cat.)

Alonzo John Blitz, that was brilliant! Got any more?

Indeed I do, MagicEyes. Next week I will be telling the most edfying story of A Most Opportune Calamity. Thanks for asking.

Seriously, I hate it when people do that. All these jokesters - you think you may be funny, sir, but impersonating a Time Police officer is a serious crime.

In my home era, anyway.

You’d think the time travelers would have done their research and read this thread…