Ever been invited to an April Fools day party?

Going to one this Friday night.

Never been to one before. What to do?

Don’t go; the invitation itself is the prank.

Or, are you lying, and the “the party’s a fake” the prank, and the party is actually real? And then when I miss it, I get pranked?

Go. Don’t go. Go. I’m frozen with prank fear.

I usually drink too much and play with the dog.

And that’s the real April Fool’s joke. It’s a hipster uber-meta 21st Century April Fools joke.

My birthday is April 1st. I’ve been invited to lots of April Fool’s Day parties.

Usually, I’m a no-show.

At my last April Fool’s party I got so drunk I blew chunks.

Yeah, but everybody does that sooner or later!

You don’t understand. Chunks is the host’s dog.


When did April Fools parties become a thing? I am so tragically unhip…

Or am I being whooshed here? That’s a side effect of being tragically unhip.

Don’t go, you’ll all be killed!