Paslode Cordless Impulse Utility Framing Nailer

Here’s a serious tool for all you DIYers.

I purchased this nailer with the intention of building a shed in my backyard, never got to it, and ultimately hired someone to build it for me.

The nailer has never been used, although it has been loaded and charged.

Comes with:

– Carrying case
– Impulse Framing Nailer [Paslode part number 900420]
– A/C adapter for battery charger
– Battery charger base
– 1 battery
– 2 Fuel cells
– 2 boxes - 30 degree 3 X .131 D-head nails (3000 nails per box, 37 nails per strip)
– Operating manual
– Cleaning procedures manual
– Schematic
– Service centers contact information
– Form to request free video

Nail gun dimensions: 16 X 15 X 3
Carrying case dimensions: 18 X 18 X 4.5

Asking $450

– Without nails:

Asking $340


Here is a real-world video of a Paslode framing nailer in action.

Asking price reduced to $250, with nails: $360