Pass the salt in the MMP

Evening all. Rain was on and off all day, so mostly indoors, solving the Sudokus, Jumbles and Crosswords in the paper. Went to the gym around 2pm to work up an appetite, took a bath and then dined out at Texas Roadhouse…even had a beer. So now home and nothing much planned for the evening.

Funny you should mention that, I finished off the last tube yesterday (expiration was 4 September so pretty good planning by me), so only question is if I do the Braunschweiger run Moanday (they might not have restocked due to the holiday), Tuesday (they might be doing the stocking) or Wedneday (probably when I’ll go).

Oh, and so happy daughter could spend time with you.

wet one, glad the pills worked and BLAT away…

Sari, until I joined the MMP, I never realized dog parks should be named Mos Eisley…a wretched hive of scum and villainy… :wink: :laughing:

Nettie, sorry about your mom-unit and judgements.

OK, need to do a little more internettin’ and then start looking for bedtime. All y’all have a good night and I’ll catch you on the next MMP

heh, wait until you go to the parks with the new moms and nannies … the tales I’ve heard could give Peyton place a run for its money

Home - didn’t cry AT work today, so that’s an improvement over yesterday - and not having disrobed yet, the cat is now licking my socks. While they’re still on my feet. Dunno what that’s all about.

Time for the Official Removal Of The Pants (and earrings, and work shirt, and - avert your eyes, pearl-clutchers - the bra) so I can start to decompress. In pretty much that order.

Oh, I did another New Thing at work today. I’ve watched while someone else cleaned a fryer; I’ve cleaned a fryer under direct adult supervision; tonight I cleaned one, start to finish, all by m’self. It’s not an easy task!

Only burned myself two … nope, three times, didn’t notice that lil’ blister 'till now … and managed to NOT make a colossal oily mess on the floor. (That, and winding up in the burn ward, were my two biggest fears.)

Okay, the pants removal must commence. I’ll likely be back to peruse how all y’alls day went.

Had a fun day as grandma with my two grand babbies, 5yo Harriet and 1yo Sorenson. Did art and pencil mazes with Hattie, read scads of books, did her kindergarten ‘homework’ (her parents are glad to have me take that on, one less thing for them to try to remember and cram into a day). Sorenson decided to learn to walk by himself this week (look, ma, no hands), so seeing that was exciting. Hattie chose “Brave” for us to watch together, always fun. We have a tradition of us dancing to the music during the ending credits. She dances, I lumber.

Always ready to drop into my chair at home after reading her to sleep. Nothing else in the world I would rather do and I thank my lucky stars constantly that it seems to be assumed that “if this is Sunday, it must be Grandma”. Not sure what I”ll do when Sorenson starts insisting on his fair share of grandma time.

This made my little heart so happy.

It was “First World Problems” type of day. My mouse stopped working for 15min, one of the water jugs in my emergency tote leaked, so I’m out $20 of canned goods and water, and the poke loin went off early, so I just had a big salad and sweet N.O.T. for dinner. But I am not laboring tomorrow.

Think “Black Hefty bag full of dead skunks lying on an asphalt parking lot in August in N.C.” rancid. :nauseated_face:

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our Labs
Our nearest dogpark has nothing like this. Although I haven’t been in years. Between Nelly K. Beagle tunneling her way to freedom, and Gordie trying to fight all the bigger dogs outside the park(inside he was a perfect citizen), it wasn’t worth the angina.

So for a while now, when I get home, Monkey gets the zoomies.
Lately, he’s been using my curtains as a scritchin’ post. BAD MONKEY.

So to distract him & burn off a bit of energy, I’ve started tossing him a few treats, to chase around, while I peruse the MMP and contemplate life/dinner.

Every night after work.

… clever minds will see where this is going.

I didn’t.

Goddamn cat has me “trained” now.

You are SO right. Let me try that again.

Hey guys, guess what?!? GG has only lived here for 14 months and he’s already figured out that I like to play with string. Not only is he handsome, he’s schmart!!!

He has also figured out how to push the partially closed door to my stitching room out with about a 95% success ratio. Doors are kinda tricky, ya know. All of the other doors in the place are still a mystery, but he’s not even two years old yet. He’ll get it someday. And then we will have to move into assisted living and he will have to start figuring it all out again.

The work around we figured out for Tony was for him to pay for the independent care place and then pay a home health care person to come and check on him daily. They could take his blood pressure, be sure that he was taking his meds properly, help him shower and trim his toenails and comb his hair.

They weren’t that costly, as I recall, they were 25/hr and charged for travel, but they had their place in his final months.

I developed an allergy to penicillin two years ago. They can show up at any time. I hope you will be OK’d for Claritin, it works magic with my hay fever.

“…which is when I took Ripple and Echo to the small dog side.”

You are maybe too nice sometimes.

I thought people took their dogs to the dog park so they could play with other dogs? People can be odd.

I’m sure she felt the same.

That is VBC’s attitude to purrfection! I am getting a little concerned about her TBH. She just hasn’t been herself for the last couple of days and if she doesn’t snap out of it tomorrow, she’s going to go for a car ride to have strangers do unspeakable things to her with cold hands.

I’ve heard that was how it was during the last Civil War except for the internet thing. I’m so sorry you are dealing with this on top of everything else.

Those are way too cute! Would you consider making and sending a card to my Mom? I would of course demand to pay what you feel is right and fair for you. Remember, I am someone who understands that developing master craft skills isn’t cheap and should be paid accordingly. I would not consider paying less than 20 and shipping.

I’ve found that I just cannot think when I’m having an ocular migraine, and that doesn’t include pain. I’m guessing the brain storm happening in our heads includes thinking blockers or something with a scientific name. I’m glad you were able to feel better and do stuff you liked doing.

Ummm, what? How old are you and you haven’t figured out the master/slave relationship yet?

and it sounds like I gotta go

Tonight a moth got in and started flying around.
GG noticed said moth and started hunting.
We both saw this happening and didn’t care because it was keeping GG entertained.
GG ended up on the top edge of the bathroom door and started caterwauling (probably because the moth was still out of his reach).
Hubs started cussing and yelling for me to get the stepstool so he could save GG from falling off the door.
I started laughing and pulled my phone out of my pocket so I could get a pic.
Hubs turned a funny umber color and loudly told me to get the stepstool while he kept GG calm.
GG yammering his heart out because his people were yammering.
I pouted off to the pantry and opened the magic cabinet door (the one that hides the kitty treats).
GG jumped off the door to the sink, then to the floor and scampered out for a treat.

Your DH sounds like quite the doting kitty daddy. :wink:

My two are about like normal. Buddy did want to go out for an hour or so this evening (even though it was still in the upper 80s out there), but is in now. Allie’s still as annoyed as usual by his efforts to get her to PLAY, but she’s feeling pretty cuddly with the humans.

Yeah, that whole buying a kitten out of spite thing didn’t really work out how I thought it would.

He’s a very long cat. He easily stands up to rest his chin on the kitchen counters or island, no stretching involved. (He is allowed to have his chin on the counters because we think it’s just too cute for words. He is NOT allowed to have feet, not even toes, on the counters.)

All that to say that GG didn’t need to land on the bathroom counter, he did it because he’s a cat and that was easier than dodging his slave’s waving arms to land on the floor. Plus, counter.

I know this is the old MMP. Just had to say your posts cracked me up. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Fetanyl overdose:


:musical_note::notes::musical_score: :tada::clinking_glasses::champagne::confetti_ball: happy :birthday::cake::cupcake: birthday to you, dear nellie, happy birthday to you :cake::cupcake::birthday::champagne::clinking_glasses: and many more…happy :cupcake::cake::birthday:birthday to you :tada::champagne::clinking_glasses::confetti_ball::notes::musical_score::musical_note:.