Passover dessert ideas with dietary restrictions?

I need some inspiration. This year we are going to be in Florida at my aunt’s house for seder, but staying in a rented apartment. I have no idea what the cooking equipment situation will be. I was thinking of offering to make dessert, but I don’t want to make anything that will require special equipment because I don’t know what will be available. Also, nuts are prohibited (cousin’s kid with severe allergy), as is chocolate (husband who has just discovered he is prone to calcium oxalate kidney stones, so most nuts are out, as are chocolate, figs, dates, prunes, and dried apricots).

Any dessert ideas? Preferably not involving large amounts of matzoh meal? I was thinking maybe some kind of lemon curd parfait with whipped cream and berries…my go-to in this situation has historically been some kind of flourless chocolate cake or nut-based torte, but those are both out of the question. Sigh. I should probably just say “screw it” and offer to bring wine instead.

I don’t know what’s permitted at Passover but assuming egg whites are, there’s a recipe for snow pudding I was just reading and it sounds really good. I saw it here. It looks like you could get kosher gelatin so maybe this would work?

It could work (and eggs are for sure a mainstay of Passover desserts!), but I’d have to bring a hand mixer in my carryon. I’ve done crazier things before (once I brought a hand mixer and 2 cake pans!), but would prefer to avoid it…I am already bringing a bike helmet, and am trying to stick to one carryon suitcase for a week! Unfortunately my aunt isn’t much of a baker and doesn’t have a mixer (last time I tried to bake something at her house, I had to buy a measuring cup first!).

It’s tough without knowing if you’ll even have a measuring cup available, much less baking trays or serving dishes. At this point, I would probably be looking up nearby kosher bakeries and placing an order for pickup, even if it’s a bit of a drive.

Your OP made me want to make lemon bars.

Similarly, you can do what my wife always does and make meringues. You’ll want something light and airy after the Seder anyway.

What about a great berry/fruit salad?

You can use a little sweet wine to macerate the fruit. Surely you can find some non-dairy whipping cream if kosher dishes will be an issue. If you don’t want to use wine (ze children!), use some honey and fresh squozen lemon and some vanila extract.

I know it’s just fruit salad, but try to use an interesting variety of berries and fruit. Given your circumstance and lack of proper kitchen tools, it may just do the trick.

Pavlova! It really does sound like the perfect pavlova holiday.

But with no mixer, the lemon curd (we call it lemon crud) parfait sounds really good.

(If I understand passover right, its the wheat - Rose Levy Beranbaum has a wonderful book called Rose’s Heavenly Cakes which has a chapter on flourless cakes (or dishes where you can remove the flour - like tiramisu where you can skip the ladyfingers and make a parfait - but tiramisu has chocolate). Gluten intolerant myself, so flourless chocolate cake has been a go to for a while. However, her cakes aren’t really “I don’t know what equipment I’ll have” cakes).

I’ve seen a few Passover dessert recipes making their rounds on Pinterest and Facebook this week. Here are a couple I thought sounded good (even though they both use matzoh):

Chocolate Caramel Matzoh Brittle. You might be able to make this ahead of time.

Matzoh S’Mores. There’s nothing to these - just s’mores with matzoh.

ETA: just saw the nut requirement. The brittle won’t work - it looks good, though! And chocolate!! They’re both out! Oh, well.

Eggsachery what I was going to say, complete with exclamation mark!


Is there any sort of discount store near your aunt? A Big Lots, a Dollar General or Family Dollar, a Target or Walmart or Meijer? It strikes me as being well worth it to blow $10 on buying a cheap hand mixer once you’re there.

In staying with passover restrictions here in Israel regarding deserts…I do best with fresh ground Palestine children, then add milk and honey, mix well and spread on Matsa for a nice desert biscuit. This can also be spread over a oven cooked :mad:bagel

Why would you even write this down, much less post it to an informational forum? Weirdos gonna weird.
Eva Luna, the curd parfait sounds perfect - lots of flavors and textures and leftovers will refrigerate well.

I have given you a warning for trolling for this post. It’s theoretically possible you were making a joke about “dessert” vs. “desert,” but if so it was an incredibly offensive one.

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Thanks all (or all but one anyway). I ended up with the lemon curd with whipped cream and raspberries - I had to buy a whisk to whip the cream, though, because all the prefab stuff had additives in it that I wasn’t willing to ingest! I think it went over well - better than the store bought alternatives, anyway.

My bold.

I’ve been trying to figure out how you could make something IN your bike helmet and bring it along, thus eliminating the need for pans or a mixing bowl… not having much luck, however…

Chag sameach anyway!