Password help!

I logged on with my dial-up and started Netscape 4.7. I tried to come to SDMB, but my browser performed an illegal operation. I hate it when that happens. I clicked “ok” and as expected, I got another “illegal operation” box. Once that happens, there is nothing to do but turn off the computer and reboot. Scandisc seemed to take a little longer than usual, but it started.

I have a Windows password. It’s only necessary when I think people might be in my apartment (maintenance people, etc.) but I always leave it on. Actually, I never learned how to turn it off.

So I typed in my password, and it said it’s invalid! There is no possibility that I mis-entered it. I tried it several times before I cancelled.

I tried using Gateway GoBack to revert my hard disc to about 15 minutes before the problem, but to no avail.

I went to Start|Settings|Control Panel|Passwords and got a box that offered me the choice of having all users being able to log on, or letting users set up Windows individually. (It’s set to the former.) There was no option to turn a password on or off.

I clicked on help and looked up Passwords. It provided a link that took me to the box I just described. No help.

  1. Why doesn’t Windows recognize my password?

  2. How do I fix it?

What version of windows? If its Win98 I think you can click cancel when it asks for your password. After windows loads, look in the Windows directory for a file with the .pwl extension. The filename will be like “yourloginname.pwl”. All you have to do is delete that file and restart your computer. Now just enter your user name and a new password and it should work. I’m no computer expert so someone will have more options if that doesn’t work. But if it does work, can I get a helicopter ride? :slight_smile:

It’s Win98. I found two files, both called Default, when I did a find on *.pwl. One is in C:\WINDOWS and the other is in C:\WINDOWS\OPTIONS\CABS.

Erm… In that case, maybe I should hold off deleting anything?

Heh. I’m not current, and my medical expired a couple of months ago. I’m holding off until I get the house settled (it should close this month), find out if I’m going to remain employed, and get a handle on when my '66 MGB will be finished.

Nah, go ahead and delete the .pwl files. Windows should prompt you for a new password the mext time you start it.

It worked!

Thanks, guys.

Ok, so here is my threadjack (hey, it was dead anyway): So what is the use of a Windows 98 password then? It asks you for the password and you can just ignore it? What the hey?

I dunno, Phage, but I was damn glad for it when I was on W98. On XP, you better have a password.

Yeah, there’s ways to go around it (which I much later found out) but they’re total pains in the butt. On XP, it’s better to remember that password.

The Windows login password is not a security measure; it is only used to identify different users so that their individual user preferences can be loaded. It is not intended to keep people from using your computer.

I think it has something to do with networking, like you can’t access the net or use network printers. Someone correct me…

That’s what I was talking about:smack:

XP uses a PW reset disk. That’s nice. But I think that 98 also comes with instructions on what to do if you forget your user PW in the Support Center.