For those of you that had to change your password, what was it? I think this will be fun for those who don’t mind telling, and a good way to learn more about your fellow Dopers. And what did it mean?. I’ll go first. My old password was ‘lovelyladies’. I don’t really know why, it just always has been my password. It was my Hotmail password, so I had to change that, too.

Any other takers?

Actualy I was thinking the same thing.

bad wolf

Owh! Little red riding hood.

I don’t use the same names or passwords anywhere’s else so no big deal.

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I borrowed mine from a girl at work.


spell it out

I rarely use the same passwords for things. I have so many accounts it’s amazing I can remember them all!

No one else wants to play?


I have no idea what that means or how I got it.

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Have some fun (even though it’s now disabled)

Mine was “puppy77”. Just one of those “must be seven or more characters, my be letters or numbers” things. Used it as a password for an ISP 6yrs ago. Doesnt mean anything, just easy to remember for low-security access situations.

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I’m one of the foolish sorts who don’t use a wide variety of passwords. I have 4 or so passwords that all play off the same idea. Sharing one could lead someone with some free time to my others. Sorry, I am curios about others though.

My password was header. Now this could have several meanings and anytime anyone has found out what it was they have inquired as to my meaning.

  1. Computer term for beginning of a file.
  2. Take a header of the diving board.
  3. Maybe some other obsure reference.

Mine is based on when I first met my wife. Her name is Heather. We were in college and she had a Dutch roommate and another friend from Scotland. The Dutch roommate could not say the TH sound from english, so it came out a T sound. The guy from Scotland would sort of make fun of her and over emphasize it and use a D so he called her Header. I picked up on the term and that is one of my pet names for my wife that reminds us of when we first met.


My password was the street address of the building I live in. Since I have a mailing address few people knew where I lived.
To keep things simple I used everywhere, so I had to change it everwhere.
I’m thinking of changing my screen name, which is also my e-mail. It will have fog in it. :slight_smile:

One of my email accounts is Feel free to email me there, but I don’t check it very often.

Mine was evdUP3. I don’t use it anywhere else. On Wednesday when the board was up, I couldn’t think of anything to change it to that I would remember, so I changed it to the same password as one of my e-mail accounts until I thought of something better. I changed it again yesterday to something I’m sure I’ll forget.

My old password was endive - a type of lettuce. I tend to pick whatever word pops into my head whenever I’m asked to provide a password, actually this make sense security wise since none of my password are ever the same and really have no connection to me personnally, hard to track, for those of us with a hyperactive paranoia gland.

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I have a confession to make…I didn’t change my password. It may make me a bad person but it would actually be a huge pain in the butt with almost no gain. I use the same username and password for all my chat and gameplaying stuff. Essentially anything that I don’t actually care aboout the security of. So until I notice a problem I’ll just leave my password the same.

I use a lot of passwords at work. We have to change them often and we’re not allowed to write them down, so I have to use a system to keep track of them. For a while I used words with double letters in them – “aardvark”, “balloon”, “cabbage” – in alphabetical order. Then the rules changed and I had to use at least one non-letter, non-digit character, so I’d throw in an underscore or dot or something.

On all my frivolous logins (like SDMB) I used the same password everywhere since there was no harm done if it was discovered. I did change it on here, but one reason I always use the same password was so I could remember it in places where I only logged on every six months or so.

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My old password - kira - as in Major Kira of Deep Space Nine…because I like her. I admire smart, strong female characters (as opposed to bimbos, which is what you usually get on t.v.)

As a network admin/ISM I always advise those that are on my network to never use words that can be found in the dictionary or obvious things like birthdates, family member names etc.

Like in my example, the girl at work wanted to use “tiger” as her password since she loves tigers. I talked her into using the combo of letters and numbers to spell out a word, t1g3r. (3 is just a backwards big E) 2=A (since it’s the “at” symbol) 3=E, 1=I, 0=O, and U has no real corresponding number though. Any ideas on that?

I just used the one issued by the board.


Boring, I know.


Changing my Sigline 'cause Veb has a delicate stomach right now…

My old one was the one that they generated for me & it was very obscure so I couldn’t remember it.

Seems some of the old passwords may still work so happy days all who posted them :slight_smile:

testing handy’s posting using my old password


tried my old password, but it didn’t work :slight_smile:

Originally posted by techchick68:

i always used 4=A , it kinda looks like an “A” 2 look a little like an R (without the left side)