Pastry and meat combos are horrible

I’ve never had one of these abominations that tasted good, they all resemble either something a gradeschooler thought up or something an intoxicated person thought tasted good.

I think the first place these showed up was the McGriddle which was horrible and roundly derided, only to have it become a trend a few year later with donut bun burgers and fried chicken and waffles.

Is the only reason these exist the morbid curiosity of the consumers who buy them?

Bacon Maple Bar at Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, OR.


It isn’t a pastry/meat combo exactly, but who came up with the idea of putting BACON on an ice cream sundae? #AreYouSeriousBro

I’ve tried chicken 'n waffles; it’s actually not a half-bad combo. I mean, I don’t make a waffle-and-chicken sandwich out of them or anything.

I thought you meant like a Cornish pasty or a pot pie. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with you!

Same. I was thinking puff pastry, not pancakes.

Are you talking about all pastry and meat combinations?

If so, I don’t understand you.

Me neither. A shepherd’s pie, a Scotch pie, or even an Australian pie (ram the ketchup dispenser in the pie and squeeze), are good food. Beef and Guinness pie? Wonderful!

McDonald’s McGriddles? They cannot even begin to approach the above.

I wasn’t talking about pot pies and beef pies, I guess I never thought of them as pastry.

I’m talking about the recent trend of mixing meat with stuff like maple syrup/pancakes/donuts/etc. Every single one of these I have ever tried has been horrible, if you look online for opinion it is negative, yet they keep coming!

*The McGriddle may be the single worst thing I’ve ever tasted at a fast food joint, that is an accomplishment of amazing skill. They had to have like a scientific committee searching for the most offensive combination of flavors for decades.

A shepherd’s pie features that well known pastry item known as a “potato”. :confused:

Topped with potato, yes. Close enough I’d suggest.

Or if you prefer, substitute “steak and mushroom pie” for “shepherd’s pie” above. Either way, I get “some sort of beef and other goodies under some sort of topping.” And each is tasty. :slight_smile:

Hey, if pancakes count as pastry, so do mashed potatoes. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m fairly certain chicken and waffles isn’t a new invention. It’s been a southern whatever-the-opposite-of-delicacy-is for several decades at least, possibly longer.

I have only heard the McGriddle derided here. Most people I know love them, like they love pancake on a stick. The only reason I don’t get them is a gluten allergy and the fact that I can never eat just one. Sweet and savory just go together. So people are now trying to create something else that captures that.

Dude I am no food snob, I love the bacon egg and cheese biscuit from McD’s and the egg mcmuffin ain’t bad either. Their burgers are pretty awful though.

BACON MAPLE BARS BRO. Seriously. They are the best thing ever. Meat + pastry can be QUITE good.

There’s a French-Vietnamese bakery I go to for the sandwiches, but stay for the pastries. They make a meat-filled croissant that’s just delicious. Something like that is what I think of when someone says pastry and meat combo.

Cooking at home, I wouldn’t be surprised if I made bacon/pancakes/maple syrup/eggs and they all somehow ended up on my fork and then into my mouth together. Why wouldn’t a restaurant figure out that might make a good sandwich? But we’re talking McDonald’s here, isn’t disgusting food at McDonald’s just par for the course?

Maple syrup on sausages is heaven, and a Pig In A Blanket (pancake wrapped around a sausage) with real maple syrup is even better.

I like the McGriddles (when I’m in the mood for junk food).

I love a good Hom Bow now and again.

McGriddles looked almost as disgusting to me as the abominable McRib.

There’s no point, anyway. McDonald’s has the best fast food item out there (from a health point of view): the egg McMuffin – relatively low in calories and carbs and with plenty of protein. If they actually had cheese on them, they’d be perfect.

This is what I came to post. Grew up on Pigs in a Blanket and it only got better when I discovered real maple syrup. Chicken and waffles is also delicious and traditional southern cuisine.

And Maple Bacon Bars, too! I just had the opportunity a couple of months ago to try Voodoo Donuts’ MBB and I was not disappointed. Yum!

I think the problem is trying to broad-brush sweet+savory cuisine by your experience with a fast food variation of it. In the future, try not to use McDonald’s as a measure of whether a type of food, in general, is good. It tends to throw off your results.