Pat Boone - Your argument sucks

From Pat:

Pat, maybe you should have checked Webster’s before you wrote that.

From Merriam-Webster:


Pat’s article:

Actually, the MW definition of marriage appears to permit adult siblings and other relatives of the same or opposite sex to marry, and in theory might also allow multiple marriages for the same partners.

Never mind the possibilities of common law marriage.

At one level, religious marriage is a sacrament, and if people want a religious marriage, then they’re at the mercy of the religious authorities.

At another level, marriage is a social contract between consenting adults involving joint estate, shared power of medical attorney and child custodial rights and modified taxation laws and eligibility for familial/dependent employer benefits. The secular marriage option need not respect any particular religious requirements.

I’d be interested in when that M-W definition was last updated. I don’t have a print dictionary handy right now, but I’m pretty sure the term same-sex marriage isn’t in the one we’ve had downstairs on the stand in the living room for the past thirty years. It is possible to find a dictionary definition that can support the other side of the argument as well. Just sayin’.

Boone waid Webster’s. That is the current update of Webster’s*.

  • Actually there is further update, but it has the same defintion.

Pat Boone [insert fundie name here] talks shit about mariage… in other news, the sun rose this morning, Bill O’Reilly is still a jerk, Clinton got a blowjob and mustard is yellow.

It’s a stupid argument even if he was right - the idiot was trying to use a circular definition to end a debate. If he’s wrong, so much the better.

Oh my god. I really didn’t need to read that. So my acknowedment that my aunt is married to …my other aunt…is the same as having worms ??? What an incredibly sick sad thought.

Pat also said in that piece

Personally I think his brain was affected when he exposed himself a few years ago to too much heavy metal(s). :slight_smile:

And the preacher’s story about water and hydrogen peroxide sure sounds glurgy. I’m sure my mom will email me this in the next week. :frowning:

So, not only am I supposed to believe in God, but also leprechauns?

Plus it’s wrong. Hydrogen peroxide is H[sub]2[/sub]O[sub]2[/sub], while the pastor says it’s “two parts oxygen with one part hydrogen.”

You know, it’s too bad Pat never married. Yes, he claims to have wed some woman, but that marriage was never solemnized before a clergyman in the apostolic succession. Therefore, it’s not really a marriage.

Or, two can play at that game.

If you read daugher Cherry’s book “Starving for Attention,” you find out Pat & Shirley did not have a good marriage and were bad parents, not allowing their four daughers to rebel during their teenage years. Sherry admits that most of her anorexia can be traced to her parents not letting her grow up. She only recovered after telling her parents to go to hell.

Well, if we can change one of them, then maybe…

Goddamn right you are. :wink:


I was going to say ketchup is red, but we all know what happened to that… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, then Webster’s is full of shit, who are you trying to kid JHC? Opposite sex has always been the only definition of marriage, shit. Stop wasting our time with this crap.

Is this a whoosh or are you serious?

More infected and throbbing than serious.

I read the OP and thought, Pat Boone’s a minister?

Where did we go wrong???!?
If it’s any consolation Pat is definitely going to hell, to pay for all the good rock/blues songs he emasculated back in the '50s.