Pat Robertson has prostate cancer ... and I'm glad!

Celebrating cancer (potential death, and certainly not anyone’s idea of living well) is so different from celebrating the death of Matthew Shepard (different person, same sentiment) … how, again?

Hate is hate any way you write it.

Actually, this is a good time to take the high road. I am in one of the groups he dislikes (atheists) and has said bad things about many times. However, I’m certainly not happy to here that he has cancer. It’ can be a horrible painful disease, and it is likely a lot of people reading this thread will have it someday. Ah well, maybe it will provide him with an opportunity to learn humilty, and allow him to realize that different does not mean evil, immoral, or unworthy of respect.

No, no, no! I can accept wishing he would drop off the face of the Earth leaving not a trace of a lifetime of hypocrisy and hatred. I can’t accept joy and rejoicing over cancer. If you had ever seen the stuff and seen its work, and reached the age that you go into a cold sweat every time you were up for a proctology exam, you might understand the revulsion at your post, Dear Spiff.

Hey Spiff? You’re a shithead of the highest order.

I got to see my dad in hospital for over two months last year. Yeah. Prostate cancer. The results are looking good so far, almost a year down the road. But the anguish of not being able to trust your own body anymore - that remains.

I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy.

A hearty “fuck you” coming your way, shit-fer-brains.




There we go. That feels marginally better.

What I would consider poetic justice, or karma, or God’s sense of irony at work, is if he were admitted to Johns Hopkins for surgery to cure it, and his surgeon was a gay atheist who belongs to the ACLU. Preferably one with family in Orlando, including an aunt who’s given sacrificially to the 700 Club’s perpetual fundraising efforts. (See Luke 10:29-37.)

another liberal checking in to say:

  1. I think Pat R. is a reprehensible person.

  2. the sentiment expressed in the OP is also reprehensible.

But apparently not one of the easiest to spell.

I can’t stand Pat Robertson, but dude – starting a thread to celebrate his ass-cancer? I mean, I understand your glee, but I would never say it loud. Have some tact. Express phony sympathy and laugh at the guy in private.

Prostate cancer is NOT “ass cancer”. You might be thinking of colon cancer. Are you male, Diogenes? Don’t you know what a prostate is?

I hate Pat Robertson as much as it’s possible for me to hate any single human, but even so I cannot enjoy his disease.

Now, if he’d tripped on the set of 700 Club and lit himself on fire stumbling against a candle, that might be a different story.

Perhaps when you have lost a parent to cancer, Spiff, you’ll be more compassionate.

Hmm. Prostate cancer isn’t at all appropriate, so I gotta say, Spiff, even I wouldn’t wish it on him.

Now, if he had bitched about crazy cancer patients, and how we deserved a DC-17 to the head because of Beth Israel – OK, maybe.

But since he’s just a religious shithead, I think the most pain you could fairly enjoy visited upon Robertson would be TMJ or maybe a scabarous, infected stigmata. Ha!

I don’t wish death upon him, but I do hope this experience opens his eyes and makes him a better and more caring person rather than the horrible little ogre that he is today.

I also find it interesting that if you read his “Bring It On” Q&A area at the 700 Club website, he espouses how great divine healing is, yada, yada, yada, but then he sure turned to good ol’ fashioned medicine when his number came up. His faith must be weak.

I have TMJ, and I wouldn’t wish it on someone I hated with the fire of a thousand suns.

It’s an awful disorder to have, depending on its severity.

I’m not going to be sad he’s got cancer, nor will I jump for joy.

Then again, I don’t give much a damn about Pat Robertson one way or the other.

TMJ – yeah, but you don’t think it would be a sign of divine intervention in ol Patty’s case?

I mean it’s not like we got all teary-eyed when Rush lost hearing in his left ear…

Hmm- not only my sentiments, but almost my very words. Get out of my brain, dude.:stuck_out_tongue:

That said- I would never wish any thing like death on some idiot like Roberson. Bin Laden, Saddam- yes, but not poor Pat. National discrace being caught in a hypocritical scandal- that is what I’d wish on Robertson & his ilk.

And maybe he could cry and beg forgiveness? Ah, that’d be sweet. Spiff, here, you might enjoy this page.

I know, Coldfire, I just thought that “ass-cancer” sounded funnier.

What’s so bad about wishing cancer on someone, or celebrating their getting it, if you see them as a really bad person?

Nobody would get that upset about Osama Bin Laden dying in some explosion, but I bet if it was announced he had cancer and someone said they were glad, SOMEBODY would get on their case for it.

Wishing death upon our enemies and revelling when those wishes come true is part of being human. Cancer’s just as good a cause to celebrate as an assassins bullet.