Pat Robertson has prostate cancer ... and I'm glad!

Yess! I think this S.O.B. is so evil* that I’m glad he has this kind of cancer that fucks you up so bad. I hope it kills him soon, although the doctors say it hasn’t appeared to have spread (I hope the docs are wrong):

What a fuckwad.

*Pat Robertson said that liberal civil liberties groups, feminists, pagans, homosexuals, and abortion rights supporters bear partial responsibility for the terrorist attacks on the USA because their actions have turned God’s anger against America.

Pat Robertson is a dick. But so are you.

There’s the answer to what crawled up his ass.

Still there are very few people I’d wish cancer upon. He might be misguided but I’d not consider him evil.

I’m curious to see who he’ll blame for this one.

Lynn has closed threads like this before. It’s really sucky to celebrate people’s cancer.

George Clooney? Is that you?

Robertson spews hatred. I hate him back. He’s reaping what he has sown.

alternatively, one might say you’re acting just as bad as him.

I don’t recall Robertson ever having given someone cancer.

A truly fucking despicable sentiment. Spiff, I hope that one day you grow enough to regret saying that.

Enjoying the fact that someone is suffering with cancer doesn’t really reflect your character in a very positive light, Spiff.

Being glad that someone has a potentially fatal disease is prett twisted. How is this any better than somebody saying “faggots who get AIDS are reaping what they sow”?

It isn’t any better. Pat Robertson is fucked up, but I wouldn’t wish cancer on anyone.


:: Bookmarks thread as potential answer to “What is soooo evil about being a liberal?” thread…::

Thanks, Spiff!

What a charming sentiment! Are we supposed to believe, even after that little gem of an OP, that you’re somehow a better person than Pat Robertson?

Or do you just not care - bringing you, IMHO, even closer to Mr. Robertson’s side of the street?

Come on now people.
Robertson being a fucking pig dog came first. The OP would not be happy to hear this news if Robertson were somehow a less disgusting example of humanity.

Personally, I’m not happy to hear this- but the OP is nowhere near as disgusting as Robertson. Provoked hatred is still hatred, but is nowhere near as evil as the unprovoked hatred Robertson and his ilk spew.

I’m sure his family is delighted as well. Dickhead.

Cancer affects a whole lot of people. There are children and brothers and sisters and neighbors and friends that are suffering along with the cancer victim. How would you feel if your dad had cancer, and some shit-head on a message board opened a thread about how delighted he is to hear the news just because he thought your dad was a fucking pig dog?

Help me out here. The OP is disgusting, but people shouldn’t take offense because there is something more disgusting out there?


So because you do not agree with his opinions, you are entitled to celebrate his cancer?

I can understand celebrating if Jeffrey Dalmer had cancer, or Hitler, or Osama bin Laden. Those people did evil things. Robertson’s done nothing but spout off. He’s a narrowminded prig, I will grant you that. But he hasn’t killed anyone.

Grow some compassion, will ya?

Besides, from what I understand, prostrate cancer is one of the easier cancers to cure.