Patagonia gives away the company

This isn’t really mundane, nor pointless, but it’s more like a Good Guy story. The family that owns the Patagonia outdoors clothing company has restructured the company so that any profits will go towards fighting climate change.

It’s a small drop in a big bucket, but the earth needs all the help it can get. Kudos Patagonia.

Kudos indeed!

Chouinard has been making good gear for a long time. I still have some old oval carabiners with his name on it, from the early 1980s. They are (were) Marine Corps issue carabiners.

I’ve always admired Patagonia. They keep to the triple bottom line, people, our planet and profit at the core of what they do.

Not a fan so much of North Face, puffy skirts with Gucci logos? Gimme a break.

Ahem. I believe the quartermaster would like a chat with you.

Is Cecil there? I must know.

An admirable gesture.

Here’s an interesting take on the whole transaction, specifically 5he tax benefit and the opacity of how a bunch of the money will actually be used.