Patio heater might work TOO well

My wife bought a patio heater from Lowe’s a couple of months ago. We use it for 10-15 minutes at a time. After five weeks, it was noticeably sagging. Here it is after two months:

She called Lowe’s at the five-week point. She didn’t have her receipt, but Lowe’s found it and she now has a copy. After a week, the manufacturer contacted her – and asked for the receipt. You’d think that since Lowe’s contacted them, everything would be honky-donkey. So more emails. Yesterday, three weeks later, we received the new screen and we put it on today. I don’t dare hope it will last.

We really need to find out the brands of heaters restaurants use. They use them a lot more than we do, and they seem to hold up.

To be clear, it’s the screen shown in this picture, the grill that holds up the top of the ‘mushroom’ heater at the top of the post? It basically ‘melted’ down into the post below?

ETA: I clicked on your single picture and found your Imgur album. Yup, the whole thing just melted into the post. Holy cow.


FYI, this is my newish Amazon Basics patio heater I bought for $175 and have used 3 times and fear will suffer the same fate, but so far so good!

Lowe’s actually is pretty good about tracking your receipt even if you do not, even if you need warranty repairs on a years-old appliance.

Yes, it’s the grille that holds up the ‘mushroom top’.

We had an Amazon Basics patio heater before this one, and had to return it because it wouldn’t stay lit. (We had to tie down the Start knob for it to stay on.)

ETA: Yes, if you click the photo, it leads to an album with four photos in it.

There are several restaurant supply stores in town where you can get a restaurant model heater.

Interesting I just looked at a restaurant supply website and thought the commercial heaters would be like $600-$2000, but it’s more like $220-$350 for the stand-up models.

Interesting, DCnDC. As in ‘That’s not so bad.’

needscoffee: ¿Donde? My Google-Fu is not mighty tonight.

I just PM-ed you, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them at US ChefStore. Several locations.