Patrick O'Brian-Desolation Island

Who was the guy and what was the song I heard on NPR?

What became of Lt. Gray? They reached the cape, but is he heard of any more in the series?

As a matter of fact, Lt. Gray does return, at least offstage, to vex Capt. Aubrey still further. I think that happens in The Reverse of the Medal. As you can probably guess, he made it, but not without some embarassment. He responds by smearing Jack’s reputation in an effort to deflect some of his own shame.

I vaguely remember reading that Lt. Gray’s voyage was based upon a similar incident (not Capt. Bligh’s own open-boat excursion), but can’t find you a citation.

O’Brian alludes to this interesting theme, where annoying characters set off in small craft and disappear until it is later expedient, at least one other time later in the series. However, I think in that case the fellow in question was never resurrected.

Can’t tell you about the NPR song, though.