Wasn't there something about another Russell Crowe/Aubrey-Maturin movie to be made?

Or maybe I dreamed it - a quick Google doesn’t turn up much.

Wasn’t there another of these movies in the works? I hope so - I loved Master and Commander, etc.

Russell Crowe occasionally tweets about really wanting to do another one, even going so far as to provide contact details for some industry bigwig to allow fans to get a campaign going. But I think the first film cost loads to make and wasn’t an enormous success, so who knows. I’d love to see another one.

I saw an article back in the summer of 2009 that said Crowe was considering the script for a second movie based mostly on The Reverse of the Medal. I haven’t heard anything about it since.

It would be tough to do - they really cherry picked a lot of scenes and lines from the entire series. That’s the problem with making a “compilation” movie from a book series. Though they did save the sloth, dog watch, & millers for future use.

Reverse, IIRC, takes place mostly on land - seems like an odd book to use as the basis for a movie.

Yeah, that was the one about the painful trumped-up trial on stock-fixing, wasn’t it? It’s not the most representative of the books, IMO, though it was interesting.

I’d like to see any subsequent movie depict some of Maturin’s espionage activities as well as more sea maneuverings.

Yes, Maturin hiding out from the agents and the escape from Boston are two of my favorite episodes. :slight_smile:

They could make a fantastic movie combining Desolation Island and Fortune of War, though it’s a shame they already used up the Waakzaameid story. You’d get actual historical battles out of it too.

Box Office Mojo shows a $150 million production cost, and making a little over $200 million worldwide. That is good, but not great (enough) for the studios to really want a sequel. With Crowe behind it, though, that helps.


We’ve been listening to those particular audio books recently, and my husband, who is an early American history buff, had a hard time rooting for Jack & Stephen against the brand new American navy. :slight_smile:

I’ve read all the books, but it has been fascinating to listen to the naval battles being narrated by someone who knows how to pronounce everything correctly. It’s almost hypnotic to hear the nautical terminology rattled off so effortlessly.

Well, yes, with such cool ships as the Chesapeake. :slight_smile: