Patriotism: The Last Reguge of the Horndog (Newt Gingrich)

It seems that Newt broke his marriage vows because he loves his country too much:

Unfortunately, I can’t say I’m shocked or dismayed. Still, there’s a sense of having wandered into bizarro-land.

My disgust with Newt and his open and notorious adultery knows no bounds.

The man is a walking piece of horny excrement.

And don’t get me started on Rudy Giuliani . . .

That’s right, he fucked Alabama. What with its purdy mouth.

I was surprised no one opened a thread about this the other day. This guy is so out of touch with reality that I think he actually believes his own BS. It’s funny, too, because he’s actually a smart, well educated person. He’s just nutty.

The apparent stability of the Obama’s marriage is just more evidence of how much they hate America. A true patriot would’ve been on at least his second divorce by now.

I liked John Dickerson’s response: “'I regret I have but one wife to give for my country.” See how easy that was? And I’m not even a comedian."

I’m still trying to figure out Newt’s reasoning. So…he was so passionate about his country that his dick kind of spillith over? Why not just get a blow up doll of the Statue of Liberty? (I smell an internet campaign in the making.)

Or at least tapping his foot in an airport bathroom. Or hiking the Appalachian Trail.

BTW, I was going to ask a mod to correct the typo in the thread title, but on reflection I decided to let it be: it’s evocative of “regurgitate,” and Newt’s apologetics did make me frow up in my mouf’ a little. . . .

The fact that anyone considers this a douchebag a serious candidate for the Oval Office saddens me.

One of the craziest and lamest excuses I’ve ever heard. It almost has an Ike Turner-y ‘I hit you because I love you’ quality, but it’s probably unfair to compare infidelity (even Gingrich’s) to abuse. It really makes you respect Mark Sanford by comparison. Still, I bet John Edwards wishes he’d thought of this ridiculous bullshit. It wouldn’t have hurt him to try it.

Particularly galling is a subset of the fundie and religiosity crowd that turns a blind eye to the promiscuity of these (male) sluts.

Rush Limbaugh mentioned on his radio show at least once, that his marriage track record was due to his being so focused on the conservative cause.
I also note, the folks at Landover gloss over the dissolute characters of their conservative heroes by automatically assuming the dumped wife to have been an adulteress, or barren, or both.

I could see a rational society putting depo provera in the water coolers in the capitol building . . .

Me too. But compared to the alternatives on that side, he’s a sane, smart, moderate candidate.

“I like to think back to the sacrifices the founding fathers made. To their bravery and vision in setting up this grand experiment, this… oh shit, I’m gonna nut!” - Newt Gingrich

McCain dumping wife 1.0 after she waited for his release from Hanoi, and then being severely injured in a car wreck, was just horrifically cruel. I have never respected McCain after that, and I am ashamed he had a political career after that. (this is one of the very few things I agree with Nancy Reagan, btw)

And, although almost swept under the rug, McCain berating wife number 2 in front of reporters a few years ago further illustrates his base character.

(I take no pleasure in castigating McCain for this, but once the faults in his character became apparent to HIM, why he did not eschew public life remains quite a puzzle)

Yeah, I’ll give Nancy and Ronnie—hell, even Ross Perot—for that, because they were so disgusted with him for that.

Honestly, I don’t think anyne outside the Beltway seriously thinks he has a chance, includeing Newt. He’s just in it to sell books.

Isn’t Landover a parody site?

I gather the subject makes the OP… regugitate?

Reminds me of Rep. Larry MacDonald of Georgia trying to conceal his impotence from his wife by insisting that patriots don’t make love in war time.