Patron Saints of the Dope

So I was reading an an article in the Bathroom Reader on really weird patron saints (there’s one for Italian hairdessers), and I was thinking that if they have a guy who intercedes on behalf of hemorrhoid sufferers, there should be someone out there for fighting ignorance. As a beginning I nominate the following people:

OpalCat, the Patron Saint of lists
Melodyharmonious, the Patron Saint of Rons, Ronettes, Rhon-duhs, and Ronulians.
Der Trihs, the [del]Patron Saint [/del] Secular Humanist of miltant atheism
Master Wang-Ka, Patron Saint of story-telling
Hal, (sorry), the Patron Saint of farm animals
Skald the Rhymer, the Patron Saint of evil overlords
Qadgop the Mercotan, the Patron Saint of funny medical stories
Cecil Adams is not a Patron Saint. Cecil is God.

Your turn.

Oh, and Mangetout, Patron Saint of scambaiting. I can’t believe I forgot him.

I think Master Wang-Ka will have to share saint-hood with Sampiro.

Maybe they can work out a time-share deal.
Qadgop the Mercotan is also the Patron Saint of all things Tolkien. His Fraternal Saints are What Exit? and Elendil’s Heir.

Hang around this place long enough and you’ll see everything twice. This was done years ago by the long-missing and lamented SwimmingRiddles. I was Patron Saint of Mix Tapes and Men of the Their Word.

A search fails to turn up the thread in question.

I agree that Sampiro should be a co-saint with Master Wang-Ka for story telling. In fact, Sampiro could well be the patron saint of Faulknerian/Williamsian/McCullersian/ Capotian Southern non-fiction.

Vinyl Turnip, patron saint of one-liners. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever read a post of his that wasn’t, or at least didn’t contain, a funny one-liner.

Vox Imperatoris

I’m voting Malacandra as the patron saint of literary stylings
Boy can that man write

RickJay, patron saint of baseball fans

Heh, I was thinking about that thread as soon as I read the OP. Here it is.

I was dubbed St. Shayna: Patron Saint of Blatantly Complimenting the Patron Saint of Patron Saints, and Thereby Securing the Often Coveted Position of Patron Saint of Jelly Donuts. (ooooooh…)

Too bad I hate jelly doughnuts. I didn’t dare tell her that at the time, though. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget Scylla.

Who gets to be the patron saint of stupid popularity lists and pointless ass-kissing?

I vote you. In the meantime, knock it off with the threadshitting.

I would just like to point out what tomorrow is. :slight_smile:

Terminalia? :smiley:


If we get a third on Sampiro, I believe he will be technically a saint.


Dolores Reborn, Patron Saint of Feuds

And I’ll third Sampiro’s Saintship :wink:

…the patron saint of radio-controlled indoor blimps.

I nominate WhyNot as the Patron Saint of Herbal Remedies
Hostile Dialect as the Patron Saint of Linguistic Descriptivism
Siam Sam as the Patron Saint of Thailand
msmith537 as the Patron Saint of Corporate America
Incubus as the Patron Saint of Bus Drivers
LordIlPalazzo as the Patron Saint of Entry-level Job Seekers
DMark as the Patron Saint of Visitors to Las Vegas

Waitasecond! We’ve got another shared Sainthood!

Mr. Bus Guy needs to be (Prehumously) canonized in this area, as well.

Cunctator and panache45, co-Patron Saints of Choral Music.