Patti LaBelle did a shitty job singing at the DNC

Sorry, people, but that was just a shitty performance. It sounded like shrieking, grunting noise to me, not real singing. For God’s sweet sake, they couldn’t have found a better singer to perform ‘God Bless America’ at the Convention?

Er, ‘America The Beautiful.’ Sorry.

I liked her on “A Change is Gonna Come” at the end of day one.

I am tired of “God Bless America”. It is a cheap song that sounds like it should be sung out of a cone in 1920’s New York.

I’m pretty sure that it’s physically impossible to give a good musical performance at a national political convention. All those middle aged white people suck the soul right out of the auditorium. You put George Clinton in front of that audience, he’s going to come out sounding like Englebert Humperdinck.