Pattinson to play T.E. Lawrence ("of Arabia")

I’m reminded of the satire Mad magazine did when the original film camne out, showing Allenby and Dryden discussing Peter O’Toole as Lawrence.
“I don’t get it. The real Lawrence was ugly. This guy is good-looking. The real Lawrence was short. This one is over six feet tall.”

“I TOLD you he was conflicted.”
Well, I wouldn’t call him ugly, but every shot of him in his Bedoiun robes seems to make his chin look enormous, as does the plaque at Oxford Boys’ High School:

It looks like Jay Leno might be a better choice. They keep choosing handsome actors for the part. But that’s show biz. I hear Billy Rose didn’t really look like James Caan, either.

I was going to go off on a rant about the senselessness of remakes and the lack of originality these days but then the article mentioned that Werner Herzog is directing. I can’t wait.

Yep, if Herzog is on board, then so am I. Just don’t expect a normal movie from him.

Its not a remake, though even with that I imagine it’ll have trouble getting out from under the O’Toole film.

I’m thinking John Kerry, but, too old, and not an actor.

BTW, speaking of “that’s show biz:”
Robert Walker played Jerome Kern.

I’m thinking if Heath Ledger were still alive he would have been a better choice. Just don’t see it with Pattinson.

When I saw that the title of the movie is “Queen of The Desert” - I thought that this would be an exploration of Lawrence’s misogyny and probable homosexuality.

Oh. The Queen is someone ELSE… Never mind.

Should be a good movie, looking forward to it.

Considering that T.E. Lawrence was a masochist homosexual, the remake might be a bit strange. However, in light of subsequent history, Lawrence was remarkably prescient…he called the new Arab governments set p (post Ottoman Empire) “dictatorships bathed in blood”.
Herzog will have quite a time equaling the visual impact of David Lean’s version.

Will radioactive albino crocodiles feature? :wink:

It sounds like a dumb idea to make another movie that has so much in common with a David Lean epic. It will inevitably be compared unfavorably.

That’s what I’d like to say, but it could make more money in it’s first weekend than Lawrence of Arabia ever did. And more people would watch it and remember it than ever saw LofA, or saw all of it anyway.

<shrug> Could be a good movie.

Sounds like it will focus at least as much on Bell as on Lawerence (she’s the title character anyways), which ought to help differentiate it from the Lean movie.

It should focus on Gertrude Bell, she was an unusual woman and deserves a movie made about her life and work. Naomi Watts is to portray her, so Rob Pattinson as T.E. Lawrence is not the focus. I have to say I’m so looking forward to such a movie (that doesn’t star comic book characters or frat boys) that I could cry with happiness.

The play that the original mlovie Lawrence of Arabia was sorta kinda based on (and apparently drew a lot of inspiration from) was called Ross, and apparently examined that in much more detail than the film did. Plays could be a lot more frank and explicit than the movies in the 1960s. Interestingly, Alec Guiness played Lawrence in that play, but was considered too old by the time the film was made, and so he ended up as Faisal.

I’ve wanted t read that play for quite a while now.

It could be a good movie. I was just commenting about the actor playing Lawrence really. Lawrence’s life could make a lot of great films, but a lot of critics will just compare to LofA, for a while anyway. And IMHO, while LofA has incredible cinematography, it doesn’t have enough story to fill it’s length if it’s to be considered good all around.

A couple of other examples of movie makers figuring “Eh, nobody in the audience knows what they really looked like…”

Mel Gibson in Braveheart. Virtually every picture of William Wallace shows him with a heavy beard. Granted, many of these are not contemporary pictures. But the beard is iconic. It would be like Gibson playing Hitler and deciding not to have a mustache.

Rex Harrison, Yul Brynner, and Chow Yun Fat have played the “King of Siam”. Here’s the actual King Mongkut of Siam

What UncleRojelio said.