Paul Hamm looks just like...

Apropos of nothing, but before the Olympics leaves the building,
Has anybody noticed that Paul Hamm looks just a whole lot like This Guy
Just asking.

I want some of what you’re taking.

Mom always did like Morgan best.

A bit, but I wouldn’t say there’s an overwhelming resemblance.

Good call, B U_D. :slight_smile:

Also, has anyone noticed that he is almost a dead ringer for another American gymnast named Morgan somethingorother? :smiley:

I feel kind of mean for even saying it, but one of my co-workers and I just think he has the most annoying dweeby voice we’ve ever heard. He seems a decent guy and he’s a tremendously talented athlete, but geez I’d hate to have to hear that voice every day.

Incorrect. He looks exactly like Tim Walsh from Joe Schmo 2.

I noticed his voice too. My off-the-cuff remark during one of his interviews was “We represennnnt the Lollipop Guild, the Lollipop Guild, the Lollipop Guild…”

I haven’t heard his voice. Can someone link to a clip?

Maybe he’s had one too many slip-'n-falls on the high bar apparatus. Either that, or a few hard straddle-landings on the balance beam. :eek:

Scratch that, men don’t do the beam. Probably for that reason!

I think the Hamm Bros. resemble Fisher Price Little People[TM] – but in a good way.

I agree 100%. Every time he was interviewed, I cringed. No matter what he said it sounded like he was whining because of that high, reedy, nasal voice. It had a negative effect on how I thought of him, I will admit. Maybe he’s a perfectly nice guy, but that voice? Yuck.

Well I’m still staying home and having twin fantasies.

As he was being interviewed after winning the gold, I made some comment about ‘this makes up for all the times people called me gay in high school’… and then I heard That Voice. Oh man. It must’ve been worse than I imagined.

“Paul’s a gymnast? I always thought of him as a poll vaulter!”

FemaleBox is convinced he inhales helium right before he talks into any microphone.

Mmmm…Hamm sandwich…

(apologies if that joke has been made on these boards before)

Although Igor Cassina (on the right) puts the Hamm twins and the rest of the American squad to shame.

Hmmm… he does look just like Tom Smothers – two eyes, nose in the middle, mouth underneath… it’s uncanny.

More Igor Cassina

I’ve always preferred prosciutto m’self…