Paul/Pawlenty 2012?

He’s the only elected official in a national body who holds and held most of the Libertarian Party positions on the drug war, police powers, taxes, military spending, foreign military adventures, and so on. (And almost the only elected official of any sort who opposed to the drug war and the war in Iraq from the word go.)

Also, there’s a lot of crazy in the Libertarian Party; Paul is basically a centrist there.

Can a President actually do anything to compell us to adopt the gold standard? Unless he’s got congress behind him, it’s a non-starter.

Late to the party and all, and this has become a thread focused on the nuttery of Ron Paul, but perhaps the polling results you have been seeing are for Rand Paul?

He also wants Congress to pass a bill that would ban federal courts from hearing cases related to religious freedom, establishment of religion, privacy (including abortion and sexual practices), and marriage unless the case was over a federal law. States would be free to establish religion, punish people for their religious beliefs, engage in whatever warrantless searches they pleased, jail women for receiving abortions, or (re-)criminalize homosexuality if Ron Paul, the candidate of liberty, had his way.

Well, but those are states! It doesn’t count as evil government if it’s the pure and holy states that are doing it. It’s only evil if a bunch of states get together and all decide something.

I like Ron Paul. I think people should take a serious look at Indiana’s Mitch Daniels. He’s doing some good things over there in Indiana. Anyone would be better than Palin though.