Paul Ryan is VP candidate. But who’s your daddy? Who your daddy?

ME! Dats who!:wink:

I hope you all (especially the Mods) can indulge my ego on this one.

In this thread and in THIS one, as well as several others, I pointed out Wisconsins own Paul Ryan and how he’d be a star in Republican politics and may even be on the 2012 POTUS ticket in one capacity or another.

Most of you rebuffed me!

Regardless of whether you like the pick or not, how about a tip of the hat to me for calling it almost 2 years ago?

Especially folks like Nametag who said:

** "No, you were rebuffed because you predicted he’d be on the presidential ticket in 2012, which was arrant nonsense. "**

Suck it!!:smiley:

I’ll give you full credit for it.

I’d also like to thank Bill Kristol for managing to svengali another Republican presidential candidate into picking the worst possible veep choice. That’s 2 for 2, Bill! Good job!

Yeah, I didn’t comment in those other threads but I thought you were dead wrong. I though Mitt and his handlers were smarter than this. In my opinion this has doomed Romney’s campaign and possibly hurt the conservative movement in general. By choosing Ryan, the election is no longer about the economy, it is no longer about Obama, it is now about Ryan’s budget plan and the roadmap it contains. The roadmap is too extreme for a large majority of the American populace. Secondly, this choice may deprive the house of its leading conservative intellectual, not the best choice in my mind… YMMV.

If that was the leading conservative intellectual… then god help us.

So, Sarah said no?

:rolleyes: Unbelievable. Even after you already posted this in the other thread about Ryan. You really need another note. I believe that 1) their earth is warming and 2) man probably has played some role in it, but you make me want to burn down the Pacific Northwest in protest to your evangelizing.
pkbites, well done. Any thoughts on who’ll be making it to the Superbowl this season?

I see, no reply to the items posted, just a personal attack.

You need help. Perhaps stamp collecting. Not everything in the universe comes down to a person’s position on global warming and the degree to which they do not ascribe to your scripture.

And, in case you din’t notice, after calling you out on your repeated nonsense I commented on the actual subject of the thread. Try it, you might like it. Or should the board figure out a way to have every thread started about anything automatically have some post by you on global warming (EEK!) inserted into the thread? I mean, even given the fact that you paste the same stuff over and over and over and over again, just think of the time savings and what you could do with it. Just off the top of my head, you could go berate everyone not driving a Prius or a Volt. They need to here your message. We all need for you to do this. Your children are counting on you. Don’t you care about their futures? They need to be SAVED!!! We all need to be SAVED! We’re counting on you, Reverend. Save us!!!

Knock it off.