Paul Sorvino RIP

Not long after Ray Liotta. He was 83

The Goodfellas scene where he slaps Ray Liotta was not in the script

Was also very good as a preacher in Oh God

I liked him in the early L&Os (31 episodes!). Fifty years in show business. Sounds like he had a pretty good life. RIP.

The best “dead eyes” in the biz.

There’s a moment in Rocketeer where Sorvino, a mob boss, realizes he’s been duped by the Nazis, and he and his gang join forces with the FBI. At one point in the battle, Sorvino and FBI agent Fitch are standing side by side firing their Tommy guns, and Sorvino looks at Fitch and gives him a little smile. Only a very good actor could pull off that bit without it being hopelessly hokey, and Sorvino was a VERY good actor.

Mentioned when James Caan died that I loved The Gambler, which Sorvino was great in playing Caan’s bookie. This is out of left field, but the History Channel did a documentary many years ago about the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre (and, more generally, organized crime in Chicago during Prohibition) that I always loved because of Sorvino’s voiceover narration.

I think he summed up the attitude of all the fathers of all the women Harvey Weinstein assaulted too: “He’s going to go to jail. Oh yeah. That son of a bitch. Good for him if he goes, because if not, he has to meet me. And I will kill the motherfucker. Real simple.”

Also Mira Sorvino’s dad.

Of all the detectives on L&O, he was the only one who gave me the chills.

I will always imagine him with a load of sausages on the grill.

RIP. :innocent:

He was in a TV movie with Levar Burton. Sorvino was a deaf attorney, and Burton was a deaf man accused of murder.

It was a very good movie because of the great acting by both Sorvino and Burton.

I believe Paul Sorvino was also in a very brief series called “AfterMASH,” which included several of the actors from the original MASH.

He was the pompous director of a VA hospital.


I looked on his Wikipedia page and was really kind of surprised to discover that he only did 31 episodes of Law & Order. I mean, I knew he wasn’t on the show for all that long, but I guess it’s a testament to his skills that he cast such a shadow in just one season and change.